Bhumiabhilekh 7/12 | Satbara Utara Online @ 2020

Bhumiabhilekh is a land record portal or website introduced by Maharashtra state government that provides 7/12 extract and 8A extract to the public. Citizens or Landowners of Maharashtra state can find details regarding their lands in this portal. Maharashtra land records are now assessable to the public in the form of the Mahabhulekh portal to verify and know the land information. Follow this article to know the procedure to get Maharashtra land details online, 7/12 Utara online, the online portal uses, and importance.

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Maharashtra Government has to Update the Bhumiabhilekh New Geo Map website link given below.

Bhumiabhilekh Maharashtra भूमि अभिलेख importance

Digitalization of the Maharashtra land records is done by Maharashtra state government and Bhumi Abhilekh portal is brought into public usage, benefiting them in many ways:

  • Mahabhulekh’s online land record portal is maintained by the Maharashtra government for all the land records at six dominant positions(Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Konkan, and Amaravathi) in the state.
  • If you need any information regarding lands in Maharashtra state, you can collect details with the help of the Bhu Abhilekh portal.
  • BhumiAbhilekh portal can be visited using the internet online and download land information anytime and from any place.
  • People can save their time, as they get information on the computer screen within minutes without visiting any government office
  • Bhumiabhilekh/mahabhulekh portal is helpful by proving every information  of the land property if you are planning to buy land at Maharashtra or be a tenant of the land
Bhumiabhilekh 7/12 | Satbara Utara Online @ 2020 5 Bhumiabhilekh 7/12 | Satbara Utara Online @ 2020

Bhumiabhilekh 7/12 Maharashtra Overview

Name of the PortalMahaBhulekh
Purpose of launchMaharashtra Land records
Launched byMaharatsra state govrenment

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What is 7/12 Satbara Utara Online

Satbara Utara is an extractor document from the revenue department of the Maharashtra state. 7/12 extract is also known as Satbara Utara which describes the Maharashtra land records information like legal landowner name, area of land, survey number, land cultivation type, what cultivation is there, do Government or private banks grant loan against this property, etc. landowners can download the 7/12 extract from the Bhumi Abhilekh online portal.

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How to view 7/12 Bhumiabhilekh

Step by step procedure to view Maharashtra land records online on the mahabhulekh portal

  • Log on to the official website by Maharashtra state government
  • On the homepage, under “ To view unsigned 7/12 and 8A” section
  • Select the state name from the dropdown list ex:” Pune” or “Amaravati” or “Nasik” etc and click on “Go
bhulekh mahabhumi
Bhumiabhilekh 7/12 | Satbara Utara Online @ 2020 6 Bhumiabhilekh 7/12 | Satbara Utara Online @ 2020
  • Under 7/12 option, select the district name, then Taluka and village
Maharastra land records online
Bhumiabhilekh 7/12 | Satbara Utara Online @ 2020 7 Bhumiabhilekh 7/12 | Satbara Utara Online @ 2020
  • And also select other required options according to your land record requirement
  • Click on the search option and enter the captcha code. Then click on verification captcha and 7/12 option to get the required details of the land.
Maharastra land records Pune
Maharashtra land records Pune

website by Maharashtra state government

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uses of Satbara (7/12) and it is necessary?

Satbara or 7/12 extract is a Record of land Rights for the property. It is required to know the ownership of the land, disputes related to land property, and litigations orders against the land. It is a complete record of all the details about the land and activities carried on the land.

What is the purpose of Mahabhulekh portal?

Mahabhulekh is a land record website by Maharashtra state government to provide 7/12 extract and 8A extract to the citizens from online mode

How can I Print 7/12 Utara?

Visit the official website by Maharashtra state government and follow the instruction mentioned in the above article to get 7/12 extract of a land. After getting the details you can download or take a print out.

How can I get to know the disputes regarding the Maharashtra state land?

Using 7/12 extract, citizens can know the land ownership details, disputes related to land, litigations passed on the land and other activities processed on the land.

How can I get digitally signed 7/12 extract?

On the official website, on the left side, you can find the option “Digitally Signed 7/12” along with a logo.  Click on it and enter the required information to get the Digitally signed 7/12 extract.

Is any helpline or service website available to contact for errors in 7/12 extract?

For any errors related to the area of land, account holder name, etc in 7/12 extract, contact on Register on this website and upload the required document and get the details.

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