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The purpose of creating India Yojana is to guide and teach peoples who are striving for solutions regarding all of the India Yojana or schemes issues.

It all started when I am searching for the new schemes on the internet, which I found that the information was not satisfied with me. So, like that, only many of the people not satisfying with that information. After hearing that, I started to do some research on all Indian state schemes.

India Yojana

Then I should start a blog that will guide peoples about their every scheme issues like (BenefitsEligibility criteriaValid Reasons to StartStrategy to Implement, and How to Apply). I took all the information by doing my research based on the Government G.O’S, and Here we find all the states Schemes, Yojanas, and Plans. I found the solution of all possible and most common issues that people were searching on the web for their India Yojana’s or Schemes.

I hope this blog will help and solve your problems.

You can ask anything on this blog that bothering you; I will do my best to help you out.

Your comments or questions are, of course, welcome.