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Tnreginet registration: Inspector General of Registration (IGRS), Tamil Nadu’s government has launched a portal and People complain of not being able to avail of government services due to the lack of a proper channel. Hence the Tata consultancy services created a portal for the people of Tamil Nadu to avail of the government services all under one roof. The portal was made for the registration department by the name Tnreginet Inspector general of registration, and the website is

In this article, we shall provide a brief idea about the tnreginet services like the Tnreginet registration process, EC View online, Birth and Death, Society, Stamp Vendor, the Marriage registration process in TamilNadu, etc, continue reading this article till the end.

Tnreginet Guideline Value Update

Today Update

Inspector General of Registration (Tnreginet) launched by the TamilNadu government to the Tamilnadu People this portal is used to complain about government services.

TN Reginet Services Offered

  • Here we have carefully created the list of services that can be availed at this website.
    1. Apply for a marriage certificate.
    2. You can register a birth, marriage, death, chit funds, and firms.
    3. Apply for an encumbrance certificate that helps in property deals.
    4. Avail on certified online documents.
    5. Online application for the letter documents.
    6. Check for the EC Status(Encumbrance Certificate).
    7. Apply for society documents.
tnreginet registration

Tnreginet Guideline Value Overview

TitleTnreginet Registration Guideline value
CategoryTamil Nadu Govt Schemes
Full form of the PortalTnreginet (Inspector General of Registration)
DepartmentDept of Registration, Tamil Nadu.
StateTamil Nadu
BeneficiariesResidents of Tamil Nadu
AidOnline Services
Application ModeOnline

Tnreginet Registration Procedure

For the citizens to take advantage of, they must first register on the portal. The process is easy, and we have tried to explain it in a simple way. But, before that remember the following points.

  • NOTE:
    1. Create a profile only when you want to avail of any of the services because the account may be deactivated if no services are availed within 7 days.
    2. You must also apply for a service every 3 months, failing which the account may be deactivated.

Now let’s see how to register at tnreginet

  • First Step: Click on the official portal @, Find the registration tab and look for the drop-down menu here.
  • Second step: Select User Registration
  • Third Step: The registration form will open in a new tab and you have to read the Note and password hint.
  • Fourth Step: Fill all the necessary fields including user type, user name, password, date of birth, address, ID card number, etc.
  • Fifth Step: Enter the captcha or code carefully.
  • Six Step: Also, enter the OTP received on your email or mobile number and click Complete Registration.

Process to Create Any Document at Tn Tnreginet Services

  • If you want to apply for any other document, then the process is easy, and here we are explaining it in a few steps.
    1. Click on the Official Portal and login with the user name, password and captcha code.
    2. Here find the tab called ‘Create Application’ and click it.
    3. Now find and click ‘Create Document’.
    4. Complete the form that appears on the screen and also uploads the necessary documents.
    5. Press on the ‘Submit’ tab and always take a print out of it. 

Encumbrance Certificate Search: ECview

When trying to invest in a house or some other property, one must always determine that an encumbrance certificate has been issued so that there are no hidden liabilities. It is better to scan for it at tnreginet ec and then step forward to spend your money.

  • Here is how you can find out if ec has been issued to a specific property.
    • Step 1: First visit the @ Portal
    • Step 2: At the home page, find the tab named E-services and see for the drop-down options.
    • Step 3: Find the tab named as “Encumbrance certificate” and then click on “ View EC ”.
    • Step 4: A form appears where you can either select ECview or Document wise.
    • Step 5: If you select EC, fill the form consisting of sub-registration office, survey number, sub-division office, etc.
    • Step 6: If you opt for Documentwise, fill in the necessary details in the form.
    • Step 7: Enter the code and then click on the search option.

Check Any Document Status Online @

  • Visit official website portal services and login
  • On the Bottom of the website, you will see a Right side called ‘Know your application status ’.
  • After click on the below link ” Document status “.
  • Here there are three options,
    1. Temporary deed number.
    2. Pending number.
    3. Registration number.
  • Select any one of these and fill in the necessary details.
  • Click on the search option, and you can see it unveil the live status of your document.
Tnreginet net Process to Know Stamp Vendor, Document Writer, Society, Marriage, Birth and Death, Firm, Chit Fund, duty and fees, Forms, and Jurisdiction.

Search Stamp vendor

  • Steps to find stamp vendor.
    1. Click on the Official Portal and find the menu tab in the center of the page.
    2. In the drop-down menu, Find the search and select stamp vendor.
    3. Fill in the required fields along with the Captcha code.
    4. Select search and avail the information.

Search Document Writer

  • The method to find the document writer is the same as that of a stamp vendor. Here is how you can do it.
    • Open the official website reginet portal
    • Find the more tab and place the cursor to see the drop-down menu.
    • Click on Document writer from the search tab.
    • Type in all the necessary fields and also fill the Captcha code.
    • Click on the Search button and details will show.

Process To Check Society

  • One can search for most of these queries through the same menu bar, i.e. “More” option. Here is how you can find the society in
    1. Click on the official Tn Registration portal >>
    2. Search for ‘More’ that is seen in the center of the page.
    3. Place the cursor on it and look for the drop-down menu.
    4. Here find ‘Search’ and then click ‘society’.
    5. Fill in all the details and also type the Captcha code correctly.
    6. Click on ‘search’, and you shall see all the details on your screen. 

Process to Search Register Marriage

  • It is again the more search option that helps to search for marriage. Here is how you can do it.
    • Open the official marriage certificate online website, click on More and look for search in the drop-down menu.
    • In the fly-out menu click on marriage.
    • Here one shall specify the marriage type and select the place of ceremony in the ‘click here’ option.
    • A new tab as search by shall appear with the options registration wise and name wise.
    • Here choose any option and fill all the required fields.
    • Later click on the search button, and you shall find all the details on screen.

Search for Birth and Death Registration

  • Open the website portal and find the more tab.
  • Place the cursor on it and look for a search in the drop-down menu.
  • A fly-out emerges where you can select birth and death.
  • On the new page, select either birth or death, depending on whatever you need.
  • Type the necessary details, i.e. the certificate number, name, etc.
  • Take care to type the captcha code accurately.
  • Click on the search button. 

Check Information about Firm

  • Click on the official website of tnreginet and look out for the more option.
  • On the drop-down menu, find search and click on the firm.
  • Here fill all the required fields from the drop-down menu along with firm name and running number.
  • Type the code before clicking on the search option.

Search Chit Fund

  • Visit the website Portal and place the cursor on more tab.
  • In the drop-down menu find search and click on chit fund in the fly-out menu.
  • Fill all the fields that include DRO name, sequence, group number, etc.
  • Type the code and click on the search for the related information.

Check Duty and Fees

  • Visit the website services and find the “more” tab.
  • In the drop-down menu click on ‘Duty and Fees
  • Here you shall have all the information about the charges of services.

Download Various Utility Forms

  • Visit the website and place your cursor at the tab named ‘more.’
  • Here you shall find a tab named ‘Portal utility service’.
  • Select ‘Public utility form’ from the fly-out menu.
  • All the forms will be on your screen, and you can download any of them in either English or Tamil.

know your Jurisdiction

  • Visit the tnreginet official website.
  • Look for the drop-down menu in the ‘More’ tab.
  • Place the cursor on ‘Portal utility services’.
  • Click on ‘Know your Jurisdiction’ from the fly-out menu.
  • Enter the details asked on the screen.
  • Click the search tab, and you shall have all the information on the screen.

User Manual Download Method

  1. To download the user manual, first visit the official website of tnreginet net.
  2. Then find the tab ‘Help’, in the middle of the page.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click on ‘User manual’.
  4. Here you shall find the manual for all services.
  5. Click on download alongside the respective service.

Helpline Number Details

In case you have any doubts or complaints, you can directly contact the authorities with the helpline number, and they shall look into the matter.

The Helpline number is 1800 102 5174. You can either call them from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM or from 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. Alternatively, you can also call on 044-24640160 or 044-24642774. Also, feel free to email them at [email protected].


Q1. What are the EC full form and Tnreginet (EC) portal services?

EC is the short form of encumbrance certificate that can be availed at the website.

Q2. What is the main use of the Encumbrance Certificate?

The certificate makes you free from any legal or monetary liability on the property. So you can easily sell or mortgage it.

Q3. Is it possible to add more properties in a single document?

No, you must apply for a different encumbrance certificate for each of your properties.

Q4. Who are all considered as “family” while availing stamp duty concession?

As per the law, a family comprises of father, mother, brothers, sisters, husband, wife, son, daughter, and grandchildren.

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