Telangana TS Aasara Pension 2021 | Online Application & Registration How to Apply for Aasara Pension

As a part of Telangana’s approach to welfare and social security, the govt launched the Aasara pension scheme. The motive behind the scheme is to ensure a better life with high dignity for all of them. The aforesaid scheme will protect all the vulnerable section of the society and will help to support their daily income necessities. With this pension scheme, people will get financial help and benefits for their life. Moreover, with the pension scheme of Aasara Telangana the poor and the deprived will get the hope to live a better life.

The category of the population who can receive this pension scheme is as follows.

  • HIV aids affected patients
  • Widow
  • Toddy Tappers
  • Old people and differently-abled people
  • Underpaid weavers

Telangana TS Aasara Pension Scheme 2021 Amount

Telangana TS Aasara Pension
Telangana TS Aasara Pension

The pension is implemented to protect the highly vulnerable class of society. In order to make sure that livelihood remains intact and lives are not lost due to insufficiency of income, govt. has started the Ts Aasara scheme. Let us see the different amounts given to the different categories of people.

Aasara pension

SL NO.CategoryMonthly Pension Amount (Rs)
1.People with AIDS1000
2.Old Age1000
3.Toddy Tappers1000
4.Underpaid Weavers1000

How to be Eligible for Telangana Aasara Pension?

Here we see eligible criteria of Telangana Aasara Pension. There are several points that are there eligible. Let us have a look. For detailed information, you can download the Aasara pension form PDF. But, before here we see that check the highlights here.

  • An individual must be 65 years old
  • Must belong from the primitive or vulnerable tribal group
  • Preferably women in the family will receive the pension and one person per family is allowed.
  • People who work as landless agricultural laborers, rural craftsmen, daily wage laborer, hand rickshaw pullers, fruit sellers, cobblers, destitute and other same categories.
  • People who do not have houses, households, or are residing in temporary thatches or huts, especially in the urban area.
  • Any family which is headed by a woman who is a widow and no financial support over her head. Or differently-abled people who lack economic support.

Documents Needed for Applying for Aasara Pension

Each and every applicant have to apply online to the sanction for Asara pension. First, you need to download Aasara pension application form PDF, and then the following documents.

  • Photograph of the pensioners
  • Aadhaar number
  • Savings bank account details
  • Age Proof, in case of old age people, marriage certificate or the age of their children will be acknowledged.
  • Death certificate of the husband in case of widows, in case of absence of the certificate, the gram panchayat will give a detailed inquiry report and then you can know the Aasara pension status.
  • For toddy tappers, they will require to submit a copy of registration in the co-operative society.
  • In the case of weavers, they should submit a xerox copy of the co-operative society.
  • In the case of the differently-abled 40% or above SADAREM certification is needed.
Name of the organizationGovernment of Telangana
Name of the schemeTelangana TS Asara Pension 2019
Launched onApril 2019
Implementation inTelangana State
Announced byTelangana Govt.
Aid toOld age, differently-abled above 65 years of age
Aid per month1000 Rs

How to Apply Aasara Pension in Online?

Telangana TS Aasara Pension
Telangana TS Aasara Pension
Aasara Pension in Online Application Form
Online Application Form
  • There is a need to fill the details properly and upload all the scanned certificates and records to finally complete the form. For future reference of the processing, remember the online registration number.
  • If you want to get more information about the Aasara scheme, then you can log in to people can make sure the beneficiary receives all the right information.

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