SSMMS TS Sand Booking Online – Telangana Sand Order Login, Tracking


TS Sand Booking SSMMS Online – Telangana Sand Order Login, Tracking: Now you can easily book your TS Sand online by using the SSMMS (Sand Sale Management & Monitoring System) Portal is started by the Telangana government for keeping the sand booking and delivery management of under control. In this article, we will explain about SSMMS TS Sand Booking step by step process and track Ts sand order.


Consumers can promptly register themselves, record orders, trace processions plus do additional kinds of stuff associated with sand management solely by a single tick. The need to reach the office physically is no longer needed. In this distinct article, we are going to give you accurate information regarding the TSMDC sand online portal and all the information related to Online Sand booking in Telangana.

Today Update

SSMMS TS Sand Booking Official website link has changed we have updated the new link so From Here You can Book your Telangana sand order, and track the order with a new method.


Reason for its Implementation of Online TS Sand Booking

SSMMS TS sand booking online

Sand Sale Management & Monitoring System is a government authorized online portal launched for the Easy of SSMMS TS sand booking and distribution. It is implemented to monitor the management of the sale of sand in the state. The initiative came from the Telangana state Minerals Development Corporation and Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Telangana State to make sand purchase a hassle-free system for buyers.

Sand purchase was earlier performed by the middle-men or broker. They had a big racket of supplying government products to others. Now, after many discrepancies and hurdles faced by the sellers and consumers, the government has taken a strong action whereby everything will be in the control and management of the state. Therefore, to get rid of the problems, a single portal is made where buyers can easily navigate to order sand and also track their consignment.

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TSMDC Sand Booking Details

Name of the Scheme SSMMS TS Sand booking
Classification1. Online Sand Booking in Telangana, SSMM
2. Buyer Registration
3. Booking sand online in Telangana
4. Tracking sand booking
AuthorityTelangana State Mineral Development Corporation
DepartmentDepartment of Industries and Commerce
Registration and booking mode Through the website (online)
Official website

Note: ఇసుక మోస్తున్న లారీలన్నీ 25.11.2020 న లేదా అంతకు ముందు ఎన్‌జిటి మార్గదర్శకాల ప్రకారం జిపిఎస్ వ్యవస్థను అమర్చాలని సూచించారు. ఆ తర్వాత జీపీఎస్ ఉన్న వాహనాలను ఇసుక లోడ్ చేయడానికి మాత్రమే అనుమతిస్తారు

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SSMMS Sand Booking Online Benefits and Details

The Telangana state government has started the Sand Sales Management and Monitoring System (SSMMS) which aims to address the difficulties of irregular digging, cross-border sand shipping, furthermore operation of the black market. According to the SSMMS Telangana policies for sand in 2020, the state govt will control the quarrying of sand, furthermore, it will market it on account of the government to customers.

The initiation of the SSMMS TS sand booking portal has induced transparency in the sale of the sand market by rendering sand to clients, stakeholders easily and reasonably. Moreover, it has further assisted in the elimination of third parties included in the negotiation process, stopping the exploitation of waterways and habitat, and raised the income of the state. It additionally conserves the time and energy of the people who want to buy sand. SSMMS further assures that consumers get genuine quality sand. Remarkable services offered by SSMMS portal online sand booking include.

  • Buyer registration- State residents can enroll themselves online and avoid the trouble to physically go to the office.
  • Carrier registration- Buyers can further list their wheels on the official portal.
  • Tracking of shipments- Until the dispatch of sand orders, consumers can quickly track the situation of their booking by utilizing the enrollment number.
  • Inter-state sand transportation activities- The state govt is responsible for selling sand in the state and also manages the transportation of sand to places outside the state.
  • Sand order specifications Buyers receive all the data and specifications concerning their order.
  • Regular updates of booking, stockyard, reserved amount, obtainable supply, volume transported, etc.- Buyers receive cyclic updates associated with the sand marketing and additional details linked with sand orders.

Along with this, the TSMDC dashboard provided on the homepage of the sand purchase online gateway renders real-time knowledge regarding the stockyards, the accessible quantity, scheduled amount and released volume of the sand.

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TS Sand Booking Registration on SSMMS Portal Process Step by Step

If you want to be a customer on the SSMMS portal, the first step is to register yourself. Before making any orders, the registration of buyers is very important. The step-by-step guide will make it easy for you to understand the process.

  • Open the official portal for online sand Booking Registration.
  • Choose the option for new registration and click on the TS Sand Booking SSMMS ‘Registration’. A dropdown list will show at the screen, choose ‘Customer Registration’.
SSMMS Customer Registration
SSMMS Customer Registration
  • Now, you have to enter your phone number and it must be a mobile number. Click on the ‘SEND OTP‘ option,  the portal will send you a number on your mobile phone. After that, a dialogue box will show up on the screen, you have to enter the OTP.
SSMMS Mobile Number
SSMMS Mobile Number
SSMMS Mobile Verified Dialogue Box
SSMMS Mobile Verified Dialogue Box
  • Once, your OTP is verified, you can go ahead to fill-up the form for SSMMS TS Sand Booking.
SSMMS OTP verified
SSMMS OTP verified
  • After verification of OTP, it’s time to fill the registration form. On the form, you have to enlist the name of the customer, place of residence, district and other necessary data asked. After the form fill-up is over, you can click on the ‘Register’ button.
SSMMS TS Sand Booking Registration Form
SSMMS TS Sand Booking Registration Form
  1. If you want to verify your registration, you can follow some steps.
    i) Go to the official website.
    ii) Click on the ‘customer registered link’,
    iii) You will get to see the list of verified consumers on the portal,
    iv) you can search yourself with the help of your phone number.

TS Sand Online Booking Step by Step Process

SSMMS TS sand booking online portal has initiated the sand booking system with the expertise to make it more accessible and more transparent. After you have registered as a buyer, you can easily proceed for booking sand. Follow the steps to easily order sand sitting at home.

  1. Open the official website of TSMDC
  2.  Consumer / Buyer Login for online sand booking
    • Register with a legitimate User Name, Password, and tap on the Login button as displayed on the screen.
  3. Select Your District
    • In this step, the buyer has to choose the native district from the drop-down box appearing on the screen.
  4. Choose the stockyard
    • After the selection of the district, you have to choose the ‘stockyard’ from the list or drop-down menu to check your nearest place.
  5. Enter the Right details
    • Now, you must enter all the details in the fields provided. Once you are done providing all the data, you can go ahead and press the ‘register’ button. Later, a confirmation window will appear where you click ‘OK’ and proceed to the next step.
    • Remember, you have to note down the online sand booking number and keep it safe for future use.
    • The final step is to collect the receipt of your booking. Download the print file of your sand booking receipt and keep it properly, because you will need it in the future for delivery and transportation, of the sand.

TS Sand Booking Order Tracking at

After you are done SSMMS TS sand booking your orders, it is easy to track your booking and consignment status through the same portal. Isn’t it amazing? Customers can now track their orders online with the official SSMMS portal. Check how?

  • Go to the website
  • After the screen opens, you can see a button called ‘Bookings’, click on that to know more.
  • Now, you will come across a button saying ‘Track your order’ from the drop=down option on the page.
  • The order ID which you have saved earlier will now come into the purpose of tracking the delivery of your sand orders.
  • Click on the ‘Get Status’ option.
  • The list of undelivered status will appear on the list.
  • To search your name you have to enter the mobile number you have used during the registration.

If you want to track the vehicle, you have to select the option ‘track orders with mobile/vehicle’. You can also track it with the help of your mobile number or even registered vehicle number which you must have entered while submitting the application form. Let us give you some details about vehicle registration.

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TSMDC Vehicle Registration By SSMMS Portal Online?

SSMMS offers the provision of registering your vehicle under the TSMDC portal. Supposedly, you have a tractor or a lorry which can help transport sand, you can easily register them under the portal. Here, are the following steps to register your vehicle.

  • Open  
  • Click on the ‘registration’ tab which is right there on the homepage.
  • Choose the option ‘vehicle registration’. The form will display.
  • Enter all the credentials related to the vehicle for online sand booking on the form and tap on the ‘register’ button.
  • The final step is to submit the application and keep the registration number safe with you for future use.

TSMDC Sand Important Links

Official WebsiteClick Here
SSMMS LoginClick Here
Customer RegistrationClick Here
Vehicle RegistrationClick Here
Order TrackingClick Here

SSMMS Sand Booking Today Quantity


With this article, we have tried to compile everything that is related to the Telangana sand booking portal. If you have any queries, you can ask us in the comment section, we will answer it as soon as possible. Our aim is to provide complete details of all the relevant schemes and portals to the citizens of the state and the nation. We hope you liked our presentation.

SSMMS TS Sand Booking Frequently Asked Question’s

Is there any booking or registration fee applicable to this portal?

You can register yourself on the portal and there are no fees asked by the government for registration.

What are the essential documents and information that a customer requires for registration on the SSMMS portal?

To complete your registration you have to provide aadhaar card, registration number of vehicles (if any), residency proof, etc.

Does the SSMMS portal provide an Inter-State Sand Transportation facility?

Yes, the SSMMS portal offers inter-state transport facility for orders that have delivery points outside the state.

What services are available for Inter-State Sand Transportation in the SSMMS portal?

Buyers from inter-state will receive inter-state transportation receipts, receipt reprint, they can track their orders from the portal, inter-state details of booked orders, and inter-state orders with mobile as well as the vehicle.

How can I get information on check posts on the TS Sand booking SSMMS portal?

You have to visit

What are stockyards?

Stockyards are the warehouses, where government-controlled sand is stored. There are many stockyards from where you can collect sand. Nearest to your district can be accessed from the portal upon your order.

How can I get details about stockyards in Telangana state?

You have to visit the official website where you can get all the details about stockyards as per the districts of the state.

I am having a Tractor/ Lorry and I want to register it with SSMMS portal, can I do so?

If you have your own vehicle, you can register your vehicle under the portal. Click on the option ‘vehicle registration’ option and enter the required credentials for further proceedings.

What documents and details are required for vehicle registration?

For your vehicle registration on the SSMMS portal, you will need RC for the vehicle, aadhaar card, and vehicle number.

I want to make a bulk order of sand for a government project, can I make it through SSMMS portal?

You can check the official website for Telangana sand booking and see the option for ‘Application for Bulk Sand’ right on the home page. You can proceed with further details after you click on the option.

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