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jagananna amma vodi Beneficiary List: AmmaVodi scheme is launched by Andhra Pradesh CM as promised before elections. Lakhs of people living below the poverty line are eagerly waiting for this scheme. Ammavodi scheme is initiated to empower the education system in Andhra Pradesh.


Jaganannaammavodi scheme sanctions 15,000/- rupees every year to Mother or Guardian, who send their child to school. Best scheme ever introduced by AP chief minister, hope this helps to improve the Literacy rate in State and every child goes to school, being free from Child Labour issues. All the school authorities should fill up the student and parent details within the deadline date. Jaganannaammavodi will be implemented on 26th Jan 2020 by AP CM and monitored by AP Education Department.

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జగనన్న అమ్మ ఒడి పథకం రెండో విడత డబ్బులు ప్రజల ఖాతాలోకి వేయడం జరిగింది. అదేవిధంగా మొదటి విడత డబ్బులు ఎవరికైతే వారి ఖాతాలో పడలేదో వచ్చేనెల ఫిబ్రవరి లోపు వేయవచ్చును. ఒకవేళ స్థానిక ఎన్నికల నోటిఫికేషన్ విడుదల చేస్తే ఆ ఎలక్షన్ ముగిసిన తరువాత మొదటి విడత డబ్బులు వేయవచ్చును.

jagananna amma vodi scheme

Key Futures of Jaganannaammavodi

Scheme NameJagananna Amma Vodi (అమ్మఒడి)
Official Website
Announced by CM Jagmohan Reddy
department AP Education Department
Launched on 10th June 2019
CategoryGovt Schemes
Implementation Date26th January 2020
First Installment DateJan 9th, 2020
First Installment New Date for 200000 PeopleDecember 31th 2020
Second Installment Date11 Jan 2021
Second Installment AmountReleased
Scheme Launched InAndhra Pradesh
Application Mode Offline
Aid per year Rs 15000 (annually)
Aid to Mother’s (Promote education among the children)

Jagananna Amma vodi Eligibilities

  1. Mothers or Guardians should belong to Below poverty line living.
  2. Must have valid Adhar card
  3. The family should have White Ration card
  4. Send their children to class between 1st to 12th to any government schools, residential schools or any private school or junior college under this scheme.
  5. A student should have a minimum 75% attendance to school to benefit with the Jagananna Ammavodi scheme
  6. Parents and students must be citizens of Andhra Pradesh
  7. Central Govt or State Govt employees are not eligible for this scheme
  8. If students, discontinue studies in the middle of the year, then he is not eligible for the scheme.

his document is about how to login to Jagananna AmmaVodi online application, how to approve student applications, update parent details and other details on how to use the application.

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Apply Process of Jagannana AmmaVodi

The principals of Government and Private schools are given authority to select the beneficiaries or students with the eligibility criteria of Jagananna Amma Vodi. They are provided with usernames and passwords for the application, using them they can log in to the site and enter the student and mother/guardian details.

  • Open website to find the home screen to the Jagananna Amma Vodi application.
  • There you need to log in with ” school dice code ” as username and password as “ammavodi19” for the first time.

How to Change AP AmmaVodi Account Password

  1. You can find the “User” option on the left corner of the application screen. Click on it.
  2. Click on Change Password pop up option.
  3. On the change password screen, you need to enter your old password(ammavodi19), new password and re-enter the same new password at Confirm new password text box.
  4. While entering a new password you have to enter only alphabets and numbers. This hint is shown on the bottom of the change password screen. If you try anything other can alphabets or numbers, it’s not recognized.
  5. Enter the school HM mobile number at HM Mobile text box and click on the Change button.
  6. You will find “Password changed Successfully, Please Logout and login with new password” message in red letters on top of the screen.
  7. Then click on the Logout option on top of the screen and log in again with the new password.

How to Fill AmmaVodi Mothers/Guardian Details


After Logging in with the new password, you will find Home, user, services, reports and logout options on the top of the screen. To fill Mother /Guardian details follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Services option and click on it. You will find a screen for Mother/ Guardian details entry.
  2. Select the class in the scroll option and click on the Get Details button.
  3. Then you Get Details pop up screen with all the details of the selected class. You can find student ID, Name, Adhar number, father name, mother name and update columns filled with previous details of the student.
  4. Now click on View option near Update Mother/Guardian name column to update or view any details of the student or parent.
  5. If you can’t find the required student name on the list easily, then you can use the search option at the top. Just enter the student name or id to get the details easily.
  6. Once you click on view option of the desired student, you will find “whether ration card and bank account details available or not” checkbox with yes and No options.

If you have a Ration card and bank details follow this:

  1. If you have a ration card and bank details click on yes, a screen will open with all mother/Guardian details, there you can edit mothers/Guardian name. Select or Mother or Guardian option depending on whose details you were entering.
  2. Update Ration card number, Adahra card number, mobile number, bank IFSC code, bank and branch name, account number and attendance percentage in their respective text boxes
  3. Also enter mothers’ native address details entering the district, Mandal and gram panchayat. and click on the submit button.
  4. The successfully Inserted message is displayed on the screen
  5. To confirm the submission of details, you can check the list again. If the student’s name is removed from the list, then all the details are entered and completed. Only students whose details are pending are present on the list.

Apply new ration card –>> Ap ration card

If the student has No Ration card or no bank details Please follow this:

  1. Select the student name with no ration card details and click on View in the list.
  2. Then a screen appears asking whether you have a ration card and bank details.
  3. When you don’t have a ration card or bank account details, Please click on No option on the screen.
  4. Then Remarks option appears on screen with selection Options.
  5. There if you select Data to be Collected to Field level option from the drop-down, Then Mother’s native address details screen is shown.
  6. Now enter details of mothers native, district, Mandal and gram panchayat by selecting options from the scroll window.
  7. Then click on submit to get your details verified by Gram Volunteer.
  8. Once you click submit, You get Successfully inserted message on screen and data about the student gets updated
  9. If a student is an Ophran, then select that option from the drop-down list near remarks.

How to Check Amma Vodi Class wise MIS Reports

  1. Go to the Reports option on top of the screen and click on it. Then click on R1-Class wise MIS reports.
  2. You will find class-wise status reports with details of the number of students, HM confirmed, pending HM, MEO confirmed, MEO Rejected, and pending.
  3. Such a way you can check the status of the reports after updating the details and also take the printout by clicking on the Print button on the screen.

How to Check Student Wise Report

  1. Under Reports options, you can find second option R2 – Student wise report(PDF). Click on it.
  2. Then select the class and click on Get details button.
  3. There you can find details fo the student previously listed in child info but not recently updated details.
  4. You can download this list and fill in the details and apply for Jagananna Amma Vodi easily.

How to Confirm Jagananna Amma Vodi Details or Re-check whether Submitted or not?

  • After updating Mother details of the student with you can go and check R1 reports for the count of pending and completed reports.
  • The count at HM pending keeps on decreasing whenever you complete the details and submit them for verification.
  • Finally, the count at HM Pending should become zero to update all the student details in your school.

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How to Check Ammavodi 1st Beneficiary Status

  • AP Jagannanna Amma Vodi Schemes Beneficiary Status Step by Step Process to Check
Amma Vodi Beneficiary Status
  • Official Website Go to the Official Website
  • Enter Your Mother/Guardian Aadhaar Number and
  • Enter the Verification Code as displayed in the image 
  • Click on Get Details Button
Amma Vodi Schemes Beneficiary Status Step 1

Amma Vodi Eligible Status After doing the above three steps then You will redirect to the Amma Vodi Eligible Status Page in that page you can see your status.

Amma Vodi Schemes Beneficiary Status Step 2

Jaganannaammavodi offiline Application form

Ammavodi Contact Address

4th Floor, B block, VTPS Rd, Bhimaraju Gutta,
Ibrahimpatnam, Andhra Pradesh 521456.
Phone : 0866 288 3941, Email : [email protected]

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