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Telangana Lockdown Epass Apply Online at The novel coronavirus has affected a lot of people all over the world. In order to control the spread of this virus, the Telangana state government has imposed a lockdown in the state and people have been prohibited from coming out of their houses for any unnecessary activities. However, there is an exception made for people engaged in essential services such as food, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, etc. Also, the government has allowed people to move from one place to another in emergency cases such as medical treatments.


However, it has made mandatory for such individuals to procure ts police e pass during lockdown for all such movements.  People can apply for epass telangana covid online on the ts police e pass official website of the government. We are giving below Telangana Epass detailed procedure required to obtain Telangana epass apply online covid and telangana epass status.

Today’s Update

Lockdown has Extended till 19th June 2021.
Covid 19 Vaccine Registration are Opend in Telagana


Telangana Lockdown E pass 2021

Portal NameTelangana Covid Epass Police Portal
CatageoryLockdown Epass
Application TypesE Pass
E Pass to Other States to Telagana
Application ModeOnline
Telangana E pass

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Telangana Epass Purpose Document

Telangana Epass Apply Online Covida

You can apply for the Epass Telangana online by registering on the official Telangana Epass Police portal. Given below are step by step instructions to apply and obtain Telangana ePass:

  • Open your browser and enter the following URL of the Telangana state police in the address bar
  • On the Telangana Epass homepage, you will have to select whether you want to obtain an E Pass Apply Online Telangana for interstate travel or you want to come from any other state into Telangana.
  • As per your requirement choose the correct option from the list of options given on the Telangana Epass for Inter-State Travel page.
Telangana Epass Apply Online Covida
  • This will open a new page where you will have to make a declaration regarding containment zones, corona-related symptoms, and the district in which you reside.  
  • Once you click on the “Proceed” button
telangana lockdown e pass apply
  • Then TS Epass Application Form will open up where you are required to enter several details such as name, mobile number, Aadhar number, type of pass, the purpose of travel, KYC document, vehicle registration number, and details of the route you will be taking along with the destination pin code. You will also need to mention the dates during which you will require the Telangana Lockdown E Pass.
telangana covid e pass application
  • After you enter all the above details, you have to upload photocopies of your ID proof, KYC document, and any other document which mentions your purpose of travel. Care must be taken to ensure that the file uploaded is as per the format and file size given on the page. The system will not accept any other file format or larger file size.
  • After you complete all the details mentioned above there is a captcha code at the end. Enter this code and then click on the “Save and Generate Acknowledgement” button.
  • This will generate an acknowledgment message along with a reference number.

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TS Epass Application Form 2020-21

TS Covid E Pass Status


Following are the guidelines for checking the Telangana Covid E Pass Statu:

  • Visit the official website of Telangana Epass Status Covid 19 at
  • Click on the “Citizen Print Pass” option. 
  • Enter your reference number obtained after submitting all the registration details. Then click on the “Submit” button. 
  • This will show you the status of your application. It will also allow you to print the pass in case it is approved by the police department.
  • You can now use this Telangana Lockdown E Pass Online for your travel purpose.

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Telangana Covid 19 Entry Pass FAQs

Telangana E Pass for Travel Helpline Number?

Hyderabad / GHMC
Phone: 9154686549, 9154686552, 9154686558, 9154686557
Email: [email protected]

Telangana Covid E Pass Website

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