Sevana Pension Plan Application Process, Eligibility & Status


Kerala has around 7% of its population below the poverty line. The Kerala state government has been taking substantial steps to decrease the poverty line, and the sevana pension plan is one of the prominent developments. The state government ensures to help poor people with a sum that helps them meet their expenses. It was after starting the sevana pension plans that the poverty rate declined in the state.


The state government has allotted the local bodies to distribute the pension. Presently the state has around 48,51,204 beneficiaries gaining monetary help from the Sevana pension. In this article, we have explained in a detailed process to get the Sevana Pension and application process.

Today’s Update

Sevana Pension New Application link given below so download it now and apply for the scheme.

Sevana Pension

Sevana Pension Plan

Currently, the sevana pension or the social security pension schemes have seven projects for the people.

S.NoSevana Pension ListAmount
1Agriculture Labour Pension1300\-
2Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension1300\-
3Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme for those older than 75 years1500\-
4Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Scheme – Mentally and Physically1300\-
5Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Scheme for those with disability greater than 80%1300\-
6Pension to unmarried women above 50 years1300\-
7Indira Gandhi Widow Pension Scheme1300\-

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Sevana Pension Schemes


Here we shall explain how you can easily apply for these pensions and enjoy the benefits.

Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension

The Indira Gandhi National old-age pension is implemented through the local self govt. authorities who accept applications, scrutinize them and also distribute the pension amounts. This pension is distributed even to those who have an elder son but refuses to care for his ailing parents. The pension amount is Rs.1300 for those above 60 years and Rs. 1500 for those above 75 years of age.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a minimum of 60 years old
  • The applicant must be below the poverty line with an annual income of less than Rs. 100,000
  • The person should be the recipient of any other pension schemes
  • She/he should be a permanent resident of Kerala or should be staying here for more than 10 years.
  • The person should not be admitted to an old age home.
  • She/he must not resort to habitual begging.

Indira Gandhi Widow Pension Scheme

As per the decentralization, the widow pension was also transferred to the local bodies. They are the ones who accept applications, verify them, and also grant the pension amount to the beneficiaries. This sevana pension is provided to women who have lost their husbands and are extremely poor. From 1st April 2020, the sevana widow pension amount has been increased to Rs. 1300.

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant’s husband has died or is missing for more than 7 years.
  • The women must be poor with an annual family income of less than Rs. 100,000
  • Women should not have remarried.
  • The person should not be at an old age home.
  • There is no one to look after the needy woman.

Pension to Unmarried Women above 50 years

Allowance to unmarried women is a fairly new scheme by the Kerala state government to lend a helping hand to those who do not have a family to look after their needs. Through this sevana pension scheme, the government ensures that women have resources to find food and medicine for themselves. The local bodies in the state are entrusted to administer the scheme. An amount of Rs. 1300 is provided as part of this scheme.

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant should be an unmarried woman.
  • She must be at least 50 years old.
  • She must not be the beneficiary of any other pension scheme
  • The annual family income must not exceed Rs. 100,000
  • There is no one to fend for her.

Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Scheme – Mentally and Physically

The sevana pension for disabled persons is being awarded to those with a mental or physical disability. The Kerala state local bodies handle the responsibility of granting the disability pension to its beneficiaries. Once the application is received, an inquiry happens wherein a medical officer from the nearby primary health centre verifies the claim. Once approved, the pensioner will receive an amount of Rs. 1300 from the next month itself. If the applicant is above 75 years, he will receive the sum of Rs. 1500. In case the disability is above 80%, the person shall receive a pension of Rs. 1300.

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant must be poor with an annual income of less than Rs. 100,000.
  • She/he must neither be a recipient of other sevana pensions nor should have applied for one.
  • The applicant should not be in a poor or old age home
  • She/he must present the medical certificates to prove the claims.

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Agriculture Labour Pension

The Labour department handled the agriculture labour pension. But, with the onset of decentralization policies and revised rules, local bodies started to administer the sevana pension for agricultural labourers. It takes around 45 days for the application to complete its enquiry process. When approved, the applicant receives a sum of Rs. 1300 from the next month onwards.

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant must be a minimum of 60 years old.
  • She/he should permanently reside in Kerala or have spent at least 10 years in the state.
  • The applicant must have spent 10 years or more as an agriculture laborer.
  • The person should be a member of the Kerala agriculture workers’ welfare fund.
  • The family income must not exceed Rs. 100,000.
  • The applicant should not have worked in plantations.
  • She/he must not be receiving any other pension in the social welfare scheme.
  • Must not be in a poor or old age home.

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Important Application Forms Links
Social Security Pension – Application Forms
Agricultural Workers’ Pension
കര്‍ഷക തൊഴിലാളി പെന്‍ഷന്‍
Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension
ഇന്ദിരാ ഗാന്ധി ദേശീയ വാര്‍ദ്ധക്യകാല പെന്‍ഷന്‍
Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme – Mentally / Physically Challenged
ഇന്ദിരാ ഗാന്ധി ദേശീയ ഡിസബിലിറ്റി പെന്‍ഷന്‍ സ്കീം – മാനസികമായി/ശാരീരികമായി വെല്ലുവിളി നേരിടുന്നവര്‍
Pension for unmarried women above 50 years of age
50 വയസ് കഴിഞ്ഞ അവിവാഹിതരായ വനിതകള്‍ക്കുള്ള പെന്‍ഷന്‍
Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme
ഇന്ദിരാ ഗാന്ധി ദേശീയ വിധവ പെന്‍ഷന്‍ സ്കീം

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Sevana Pension New Registration Process

The process for applying sevana pensions is entirely offline. Here is how one can apply for these government schemes. Either download the form from their official website or get it from the nearest Akshaya center or local government offices.

Here is How to Download the Form Online

official website
Application forms
  • The form will emerge on a different tab wherein you can print or download it.
  • Fill the form and apply it to your Grama panchayat/municipality or corporation secretary.
  • They will set up an inquiry of your sevana pension application status for 45 days.
  • Once the beneficiary list is uploaded, 30 days is provided to accept any claims against the pensioner.
  • After that, the sevana pension is approved, and the pensioner receives his amount from the first week of next month.

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Sevana Pension Search / Process to Check the Application Status /

The applicant can search for the sevana pension application status through their web portal or visit an Akshaya center. Additionally, you may also contact the local authorities from government bodies to check for the application status.

Here is how you can verify the sevana pension application status.

sevana pension application status
  • Enter ‘Pensioner ID’, ‘Aadhar no.’ or ‘Account number’.
pension search
  • Enter the correct captcha and click on search.
  • You shall find all the necessary information on the screen.

Helpline Number / Contact Details

Contact DBT Cell – Phone :- 0471-2327526.
e-mail ID:- [email protected]

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