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Patta Chitta Online: Tamil Nadu Government has launched the Patta Chitta Land Ownership portal that will provide information to the applicant about the registered person. Patta is a revenue record of land while a Chitta contains about the area of the size, ownership details so Tamilnadu government has merged both documents are called as Patta Chitta. This article is all about Patta Chitta online land records in Tamil Nadu.


suppose if you’re interested to buy agricultural land in Tamil Nadu or anywhere you have known few details, Like what type of land it is. What area of land it is. Whether it is agricultural land or someone tries to call you a government land. Where you can find all ownership details from by name Patta &FMB, Chitta &TSLR. check out all the important information about Patta Chitta in this article and get detailed information on all terms, views. all legal information like property transfer, opinion, and values of the property.

Today’s Update


Patta Chitta online status is active now.

Patta Chitta

What is Patta?

First of all, Patta is like an account maintained by the Thaluk office of a particular place. One owner will have a lot of lands under his or her name and all of these records will be kept under the TN Patta details. The Patta account is the main thing that will help you to open the TN Chitta extract. Without Patta or the survey number, you won’t get access to the land details present in Chitta.

What is Chitta?

Once you open the website and enter the details of a particular survey number, you will get the information of all the lands that the owner owns along with their survey numbers and the type of land as in whether it is dry or wetland. Which are called Nanjai and Punjai in Tamil. So let’s learn what are they:

Nanjai Details


Nanjai is a wetland and it means that land provides water easily such as a lake, canal, river, etc.

Punjai Details

Punjai is dry land and it means that there land with fewer water reservoirs. this has very low water sources such as well, bore. The name of the owner, the number of survey numbers, type of lands everything will be available in the TN Chitta extract only. You can just enter the survey number into the website and get the details of TN Patta under which the survey number exists and all the other survey numbers present under that Patta. In 2019 Tamil Nadu government has decided to merge both Patta and Chitta into a single document called Patta Chitta. From there it is considered to be a legal document

Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta Overview

Portal NameTamil Nadu Patta Chitta
AimFor the Convenience of the People
BenefitAccess to Online Land Record Services
StateTamil Nadu
BeneficiariesCitizens of Tamil Nadu State Only
Land Record StatusAvailable to Check

Adangal or A-Register

This A-register or Adangal is also available on and it talks mainly about the land that you want to know about. As in, the details about the survey number that you have entered and nothing else. It provides every piece of information that you need about the land. The details about the soil will also be provided. These are the details that you can find when you search about PattaChitta Online Application status Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu online Patta Chitta Apply Process step by step

Now, it is important for you To view the Patta Chitta documents in online mode, you have to follow the steps given below

View Patta Chitta & FMB / TSLR Extract

  • Go to the official website of Tamil Nadu- The website is available in both English and Tamil version.
patta chitta
TN Patta Chitta English
  • Now you want to check the Patta, click on “View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract.” Select this option and click.
View Patta FMB
View Patta FMB
  • It will then redirect you to a new page. Then you have to Select District and Area Type(urban/rural)and click on submit button.
patta chitta District Area Type
Patta Chitta District Area Type
  • You will be taken to a page where you have to enter the city/district details along with Taluk, village, and survey number or Patta number. Then enter the authentication value and click on submit.

NOTE: You should have a patta number or survey number for this document

Patta Chitta District
Patta Chitta District
  • After submitting all property details, you will be getting an online certificate with your property and land record information. The certificate has information such as survey number, type of land, type of construction, municipal gate number, area, etc,
Patta Chitta List
Patta Chitta List

Adangal or A-register Extract

  • If you want to know about the particular land and nothing else then you have to check the Adangal or A-register extract. You can access it on the homepage only.
  • Click on the “View A-Register Extract” option, enter all the required details and you will get the entire description of a particular land only. Everything you need to know about the land will be available here.

Patta Chitta FMB Map Download PDF From at

If you are someone who wants to know the map of a particular land, you can get those details too online with the help of the website. Here are the steps stating how you can find those details.

View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract

  • Click on “View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract.” Enter the district, thaluk, and village. You have two options here, you can choose either Patta number or the survey number. Patta number won’t give you the map, you have to select a particular survey number only.
  • So, select the survey number and enter all the details regarding the same.
  • Now click on FMB, enter Captcha code, and submit. You will be redirected to the map.

This is how you can check and know about the TN Patta Chitta online application status on the official website of Tamil Nadu. The website has both English and Tamil versions, you can pick the one that you are comfortable with.

Patta Chitta Online Application Status Tamilnadu

When you have applied for a transfer then you can easily check the status of this application online. Steps to follow to check the status online.

status of Patta Chitta
  • Then enter the ‘Application ID’ and specified ‘Enter captcha values’.
  • Now click on ’Get Status’, you will see the status of your Patta Chitta transfer application.

Verify your Patta Chitta certificate Process

 Not only Applying also you can check the validity of the certificate issued by the Government. The following are the steps to check the validity

  • Visit the Government Website of  TN
  • See the option “Verify Patta” and select that option and click
  • Now enter the ’Reference Number’ and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
Validity of your Patta Chitta certificate Reference number
  • You can see the validity of patta chitta certificate

Verify Poramboke Land on Tamil Nadu

It is common to have Poramboke land in every district. The Poramboke land is the one that is not present under the revenue records. This means that the land has no owners. In most instances, this land belongs to the government only but there are situations where some poor people go and occupy the free land available. If they provide house receipts or EB, they will get Patta for the same land. If anyone is using the land for commercial purposes, they won’t get the Patta.

However, there are some instances where land is related to a particular owner but you don’t know the details. In such instances, if you want to verify Poramboke land and check whether the land is government or private, then you can do that too in the

  • Go to the website and click on the “Verify Poramboke Land” option present on the home page.
Verify Poramboke Land
  • Enter all the required details and click on submit. The website will give you the details of the land and you will also know whether the land is related to private or government.
Verify Poramboke Land Details

Official Website English Version:
Official Website Tamil Version:

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Patta Chitta Online Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official website of Patta Chitta?

Official Website English
Official Website Tamil

How to Check Patta Chitta Online

Go to the official website of Tamil Nadu- The website is available in both Tamil versions Step by step Process provided in above

What is Patta?

Patta is like an account maintained by the Thaluk office

What is Chitta?

Information of Owners Land Records details of a survey number and type of land as in whether it is dry or wetland

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