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Loucha Pathap is the new introduction by the Manipur government to help citizens know the land details and other important information about land in Manipur. Citizens and landowners of lands in Manipur can now login to the official website and access all the needed documents. The revenue department of the Manipur government has developed the Loucha Pathap app to digitize the land record system in Manipur. Follow the below article to know more about the Loucha Pathap portal, download Manipur Jamabandi, get Manipur land records, and many more


Today’s Update

Loucha Pathap Manipur Patta Land Records Registration official website link is given below.


Loucha Pathap Manipur

land records Manipur are now handy to all the citizens of Manipur state. The land records of all the districts in Manipur can be accessed on the portal, get ROR of the lands, tax details, MLR & LR Act, revised rates, etc. The major objective behind the introduction of this portal is to make Manipur land records (Jamabandi/ROR) available online for the citizens of Manipur. every detail of Manipur land is now available with an internet connection, sitting at home and with just a mouse click.

Loucha Pathap Manipur Land Record

E-Servies of Manipur Land Records Overview

Article Name Land Records Information System
Mission Implemented byManipur Government
Article CategoryLand Records
Mode of the Record Online/offlineOnline

Loucha Pathap Manipur Portal Services

Loucha Pathap portal offers many services to the citizens to make life easy, saving time and energy. To get the below services, usually, people need to wait in long ques near government offices and waste a lot of time. But now every land detail is accessible online without much effort. Here is the list of services that are available on the Loucha Pathap portal

  • Download Manipur Jamabandi Patta ROR
  • Get the revised Land tax rate
  • Download minimum guidance value, MLR & LR Act 1960, Land Act 1894
  • Get detailed Land tax rate
  • DAG Chitta
  • Application form for Mutation
  • Document registration system 

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NGDRS Manipur Registration Process Detail information

Property registration is now made easy with the National Generic Document registration portal. NGDRS websites allow citizens to book an appointment for the register and sub-register office. Citizens have to register first on the website with username, password, and other ID proof details. Follow the steps below to ensure a safe registration process on the NGDRS website:

  • Visit the official website
  • On the homepage, click on the NGDRS Manipur tab to proceed with the registration
NGDRS Manipur
NGDRS Manipur
  • Click on Citizen login and click the “register” button
National Generic Document Registration System
National Generic Document Registration System
  • On the next page, first, select NRI or Indian nationality
  • then enter needed details like personal information name and address correctly
  • next enter ID details like email ID, phone number, Aadhar, ID proof
  • then create a Username and password. Also, confirm password
  • enter captcha code and hint question also along with answer
NGDRS Citizen Registration
NGDRS Citizen Registration
  • Finally, click on “Submit” to complete registration as a citizen.

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Checking Loucha Pathap Manipur Land Records Jamabandi ROR

Manipur Jamabandi ROR is essential to know the land ownership details and other information during land sale or purchase. Follow the simple steps to get the Jamabandi ROR of the Manipur land records on the Loucha Pathap portal:

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  • Visit the official website
  • On the homepage click on the “Download” tab
  • Click on the “Jamabandi/Patta” to get the details
loucha pathap
loucha pathap
  • Under the “Know the ROR/Jamabandi” section, fill in the needed details
  • Enter “new Patta no. “and “New DAG no.”
  • Then click on the “Check” button to get Jamabandi ROR
Download Jambadi Patta
Download Jambadi Patta

Revised Land Tax Rate

  • Visit the official website and under the Download tab click on the “revised Land Tax Rate”
  • You can get the PDF copy of the revised land tax rate by the Revenue department in Manipur state
  • You can download it or take a print if needed

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Minimum Guidance Value

  • On the official website
  • Under the Download tab, click on “Minimum Guidance Value” to get the Minimum Guidance value of the land, rate of land in Sft.
  • You will get a PDF document to download or take a print

MLR & LR Act 1960

  • Visit the official website and click on the “download” tab
  • Under that click on “MLR & LR Act 1960” to get the Act details with index and notes
  • You can check the PDF to know the Act details on the land in Manipur during land transactions.

Land Act.1894

Land Act 1894 is the Land Acquisition Act that is proposed by the Ministry of Law and Justice of the Manipur state. You can get the details of the Land Act 1894 from the official website

  • Click on the “Download” tab from the homepage and click on” Land Act 1894
  • You will get a PDF copy on the screen with the details.

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Land Tax Rate Detail Information

Citizens of Manipur can get details about the land tax rate on the louche Pathap portal. You can get the rate per hectare by following the steps mentioned below

  • Visit the official website
  • On the home page click on the “Land Tax rate” tab
  • You will get a land tax rates in tabular format with the serial column number
  • You can get Land class, Rate per Hetcer, Effective year, and min amount
  • These details came into force on 27-09-2017, you can download the actual copy from the download link.

Important PDF Links of Manipur Loucha Pathap

Name of the PDFS
Revised Land Tax Rate
Minimum Guidance Value
MLR & LR Act 1960
Land Act.1894
Application Form for Partition – Mutation (MLR Form 16)
Dag Chitha (MLR FORM 7)
Jamabandi (MLR FORM 8)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Loucha Pathap portal?

Loucha Pathap portal is designed to digitalize the land record system in Manipur state, making land records information available online for the citizens of Manipur.

How to get the Khasra number of my land in Manipur?

You can get the Khasra number and other land details by visiting the official website and getting the Jamabandi/ROR of your land by entering the needed details.

How to download Jamabandi in Manipur?

You can follow the steps mentioned in the above article to get a copy of Jamabandi /ROR online from the official website of Manipur land records

What is the objective behind the digitization of land records?

Digital India land records modernization program is initiated to digitalize the land records to ensure transparency during land transactions and reduce corruption with land dealings.

What are the benefits of the computerization of land records in Manipur?

Citizens can access land records online, without waiting in long queues at the government office. Every land detail is available online ensuring transparency and accuracy.

How to check jamabandi in manipur

Candidates can check through the loucha pathap official website.

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