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Jamabandi a milestone created by the Revenue Department of the Haryana Government in the world of 5G internet speeds, smart electronic devices, and other advanced technologies, is an online document, which shows the Records of Rights along with records of ownership of the land, cultivation, and updates or the latest information on several rights in the land.


Jamabandi – Haryana Land Records is created and revised every five years by Patwari and the respective Revenue Officer, with the latter one attesting the document. Two copies of the Jamabandi document are made where one copy is maintained with the District Record Room and the second copy is kept with Patwari.

So, if you want to know any information or details about your agricultural land in Haryana, Below we have explained the importance of Jamabandi along with the steps to check various things on the web portal. Read it thoroughly and acquire the right knowledge for future use.

Today Update

Jamabandi Haryana Land Record Online Registrations Deeds are Open so register or view your land in the official website link given below check it.


Importance and Benefits of Haryana Land Records

You must be wondering what makes Jamabandi so important for the landowners, right? When you are searching for any particular information about your or any piece of land and it is available online in an organized manner in just a few clicks, won’t it make your searching easy, less time consuming, and hassle-free? This is the most important reason because of which Jama bandhi e-document has been created to serve the people of Haryana in a better way by making available all their land-related details online under one single web portal.

Jamabandi Haryana Land Record
Jamabandi Haryana Land Record

Apart from ROR, the Jamabandi e-document offers a whole lot of information, such as the name of the owner of the property (Past and Present, both), Makbuja, Irrigation, Kashatkar, Total Land, Khewat or Khatoni, Marjua, and Gair Marijuana.


The benefits that Haryana Land Records provides are endless, the most significant of which are stated below:

  • It provides Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Deed Registration.
  • It provides a Checklist for the Deed Registration.
  • You can find Collector Rates, Deed Templates, etc.
  • Can View registered Deeds and stay orders on the land.
  • Can check availability for Deed appointment.
  • Can check details of Controlled or Urban Areas.
  • Can view mutation orders and check the status of the mutation.
  • Can also check the mutation status of Deeds.
  • Can get hold of Nakal details by owner name.
  • Can look for revenue court status or civil court status.
  • Can view Cadastral maps.
  • Can check integrated property wise transaction details.
  •  Can get information on property tax details.

Jamabandi Haryana Land Records Overview

Name of the SchemeJamabandi Haryana Land Records
Name of the organizationWEB-HALRIS Haryana
CategoryLand Records
Land Records Revisedby every 5 Years
Mode of the Records Online/offlineOnline

Haryana’s Jamabandi website and Portal services

Haryana’s Jamabandi website and portal services are available round the clock throughout the year. The credits for taking this great initiative of launching a website and portal services for land information is solely to be given to the Revenue Department of the Government of Haryana who with the help of technology developed such an amazing online platform to timely record and update land details.

The main purpose behind developing the Bhulekh Haryana portal was to assist the citizens in acquiring correct land records of the Haryana state. People, without the need of moving out from their houses, can now get access to the land records of the Haryana, like registration details, Jamabandi (ROR), mutation, ownership details, and more from the web portal.  

My Crop My Details Haryana

Necessary Documents – Check List for Deed Registration

The necessary documents (Checklist) that is required for Deed Registration at the Jamabandi web portal are as follows:

  • Ownership Proof: Certified copy of original old sale deed/Mutation/Assessment of MC/Fard of Jamabandi.
  • Identification of the Parties: Through Voter Card/Ration Card/Aadhar Card/Driving License/Identity Card/Pan Card/ and Proof of witness is also acceptable.
  • Registration of Document through Power of Attorney: In case GPA is registered out of the state of Haryana, then the same will be verified from the place of its registration.
  • NOC required u/s 7(A): If the land area is notified u/s 7(A) of the HDRUA Act 1975, a NOC must be obtained from the concerned DTP.
  • Witness: Two witnesses of the parties is a must along with their ID proof.
  • Map Plan: Description of the immovable property and map plan is required.
  • In case of building/plot: A digital photograph of the building/plot must be submitted.
  • In case of release deed: Mutation of Virasat is necessary to identify ancestral property.

Check Collector Rates

In order to check the Bhulekh Haryana collector rates, you first have to visit the official website of Jamabandi i.e. and at the homepage of the website look for “Property Registration” tab on the left side. Now, click on this tab and a dropdown menu will come where you will see the “Collector Rate” option at the 4th place. Click on the option and a window will open where you have to give your District Name, Tehsil Number, Period (Year), and the Village. Once you have entered all the above information and clicked the submit button, the Collector Rates will appear on your screen.

Check Availability of Deed Registration Appointment Slots in Jamabandi

To check availability of Deed Registration Appointment Slots at Jamabandi web portal, first

  • Visit the Haryana Land Records Information System (WEB-HALRIS) official site and click on “Property Registration” tab on the left side of the homepage
  • From the resultant dropdown list search for option “Check Deed Appointment Availability”, this will be at 6th place in the list, which you need to click.
Haryana Land Records
  • Upon clicking the desired option, a window will appear where you will be asked to enter your District, Tehsil Number, and the number of days for which you would like to check the availability of slots.
  • Once the above three data is provided and the search tab is clicked, the available slots matching your requirements will be shown on the screen.
Check Deed Appointment Availability
Check Deed Appointment Availability

View Jamabandi Land Nakal Online

The steps for viewing Jama bandhi Land Nakal online at the Bhulekh Haryana web portal are:

  1. Click on the “Jamabandi” tab at the top-center portion of the web site’s homepage and choose the only option available i.e. “Jamabandi Nakal.
  2. Over here, you can search the Nakal details using four different options, which are by owner name, by khewat, by khasra/survey no., by date of mutation.  
  3. Whichever one option you choose, you have to provide a few details to fetch the Jamabandi Nakal details. The details that you have to select are district, tehsil/sub-tehsil number, village, the Jamabandi year, and one extra detail i.e. Mutation date only if you choose to search by the date of mutation option.  
  4. Once all the above details are selected, the web will automatically accept your answer and provide the Nakal details, which will be visible on the screen after you select the owner.    
Jamabandi Nakal details
Jamabandi Nakal details

View Registered Deeds / Search Registered Deeds Online in Haryana

You can even view or search Registered Deeds online at Bhulekh Haryana portal, the steps for which are as follows.

  • At the homepage of the Jamabandi website click on the “Property Registration” tab and select the “View Registered Deeds” option, placed at the seventh position of the dropdown list.
View Registered Deeds
  • Upon clicking the desired option, you have to select a few details from the dropdown and give a few information, such your district name, tehsil number, registry number and date, Deed name, seller name, buyer name, khasra or survey number, and at the end enter the computer-generated number (given beside the box), known as Captcha.
  • Now, press the search button, and the registered deeds you were searching for will appear on your screen. 
View Registered Deeds Details
View Registered Deeds Details

Haryana mukhyamantri vivah shagun yojana in hindi

Search Court Cases and Download Order Online

If there is a court case against your land property and you want to know the details about and also download the court’s order, you can easily do so through Haryana Land Records portal, the steps for which are:

  • Select the “Property Registration” tab at the homepage of the Jamabandi site and choose the “View Stay Orders” option, which is at the eight spots on the dropdown menu.
  • On selecting the above option, you will be asked to give a few of your details, like court type; case no.; order date; first party, second party and choose a few from the dropdown list, such as the village name; tehsil no.; and the status.  In the end, you have to enter the computer-generated code i.e. Captcha, and hit the search button.
  • Once you’ve hit the search tab, you will be able to check the court cases registered against your land property and can download the order as well.

View Mutation Orders in Jamabandi

To view Mutation Orders at Jama bandhi web portal,

  • Select the “Mutations” tab at the homepage of the portal, and choose the very first option from the dropdown list i.e. “View Mutation Orders.”
  •  After selecting the above option, you will be asked to select tehsil no., village name, source type, and mutation type from the dropdown menu and also to give your mutation number and the mutation date.
  • After entering all the above details enter the computer-generated numeric code or Captcha and hit the Submit button.
  • Now, your mutation orders are available for viewing on the Jamabandi portal.

Check Mutation Status Online

Checking Mutation Status online at the Bhulekh Haryana web portal is very easy. All you have to do is

  • Click the “Mutations” tab at the homepage of the site and select the second option from resultant dropdown i.e. “Check Mutation Status” option.
  • Once the option is selected, you will be directed to a page where you have to select your district and tehsil number and enter the registration number and date.
  • After you have entered all the above details press the search tab and the desired Mutation Status will be on your screen. 

Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

Mutation Status of Deeds / Check Mutation Details

To check Mutation Status of Deeds at Jamabandi website, select the “Mutation” tab at the homepage of the site and choose the third option underneath it, which says “Mutation Status of Deeds.” Upon selecting the option to check the mutation details, you will have to choose your district and tehsil number from the respective dropdown list and enter from which to which period you want to view the mutation details.

Once all the details has been entered/chosen, click on the submit button and the required Mutation Status of Deeds will be on your screen, which you can check instantly. 

View Cadastral Map in Jamabandi

The facility of viewing of Cadastral Map at Haryana Land Records portal is also available where you simply have to click on “Cadastral maps” tab on the website’s homepage and choose “View Cadastral Maps” option from the dropdown menu.

On clicking the above option, you shall be re-directed to another site, which is where you gain virtually see your land by zooming in and out. On this site, you can search your land using the district name, village, tehsil number, or all the three options.

Check Online a Revenue Court Case Status in Jamabandi

Follow the below steps to view a Revenue Court Case at Jama bandhi web portal:

  • On the homepage of the website go to the “Court Cases” tab and select the “Revenue Court Cases” option under the tab.
  • Once you click the option, you will redirect to the Haryana Revenue Courts website i.e. On the left side of the site’s homepage, you will see a tab named “Operations” under which several options will be available.
  • Under the Operations tab choose the second option, which says “View Cases Status”, after which a “Case Status” box will appear beside it.
  • In the box you have to mandatorily choose your location from the dropdown list and either choose the “Petitioner Advocate” option or “Case ID” option to proceed.
  • After all the details have been entered, press the Submit button and your Revenue Court Case Status will be there on your screen.  

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana

Check Online Civil Court Case Status in Jamabandi

  • To check the Civil Court Case Status online at the Bhulekh Haryana site, just select the “Court Cases” tab from the site’s homepage and choose “Civil Court Cases” option available under the tab. Once the option is selected, a new page will appear where you will be asked to select the district, tehsil number, and village from the dropdown menu, and also enter mustil and khasra number.
  • Once all the information has been provided correctly, click the submit button and your Civil Court Case will be in front of you on your screen.

Registration process of an Immovable Property in Jamabandi

If you want to register an Immovable Property at Jamabandi website, the process is very simple and has been explained below:

Step 1: The rate of the immovable property according to the rate of the Collector and all other information in respect of the property, such as stamp duty charges, registration fee, service charges, also the instrument formats should be acquired from the HARIS counter at the office of either the respective Joint Sub-Registrar or the Sub-Registrar.

Step 2: The value of the immovable property determined as per the rate of the Collector forms the basis for collecting the stamp papers of value up to Rs. 10,000 from stamp vendors. And, in case the stamp duty is above Rs. 10, 000, the owner first has to deposit the required amount in the SBI bank under the head “0030-Stamp and Registration”, after which the necessary stamp papers can be collected from the treasury office.

Step 3: Once the correct stamp papers are obtained, the owner has to either write a document by himself or he can go to a document writer to his document written. With this, it is mandatory that two witnesses are p[resent at the time when the whole process is executed. In addition to the stamp papers, a copy of the title deed, Jamabandi, a copy of the map, plan, digital photograph, and a few other documents are also required to be submitted.

Step 4: All the documents that are mentioned in step number 3 above should be submitted at the respective Sub-Registrar’s office where the immovable property is situated.

Step 5: The Sub-Registrar shall thoroughly examine all the documents that are submitted to him, once the total registration fee amount (stamp duty, service charges, and registration fee) is paid in full via the HARIS system.

Step 6: Upon successful completion of the verification of the documents, the owner shall be called to appear before the Joint Sub-Registrar or the Sub-Registrar to make an entry of the said document. The presence of two witnesses is a must at this moment, to authenticate the owner’s or executant’s identity.   

Step 7: Subject to the fulfillment of the procedures, the Joint Sub-Registrar or the Sub-Registrar shall endorse the entry of the executant, and then include the registration certificate on to the documents through the computerized HARIS system.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jamabandi Haryana

What is meaning Jamabandi?

As defined on the Haryana Land Records website, Jamabandi is a document that is made as a part of the Record of Rights (ROR) in every revenue estate. It is a document of several entries, like Ownership, updated of various rights in land, and cultivation details.  

What is main intension of

The main intention of is to facilitate landowners in obtaining information about Jamabandi nakal, property registration, mutation, collector rates, court cases, cadastral maps, and all other land-related queries.

How to extract e-land records in Haryana?

The e-land records in Haryana can easily be extracted from the Jamabandi website by clicking the “Query” tab at the site’s homepage and selecting the desired options you want to extract from the dropdown menu.

What is the time limit for document registration?

Apart from the Will, all other documents have to be registered within four months from the date of its execution under Section 23 of the Registration Act 1908. But, Section 25 of the same Act allows the owner to delay the registration of documents for up to a maximum of 4 months by paying a prescribed fine of not more than 10 times the actual registration fee.

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