Good Samaritan scheme is Help to Road Accident Victim and Get Cash Reward of 5000 Rupees


Good samaritan scheme is implemented to helps the road accident victim. The Good samaritan scheme is launched by Road Ministry to encouraging the needy people on the road. The Ministry wants to make a secure road for travel by rewarding the people who help the victims during road accidents. As per the scheme launched by the Central Government, helpers who attend the road accident’s victims & reach them reach the hospital within an hour of serious injury. In many cases, persons who have sustained serious injuries can be saved if he/ she receives great treatment within an hour. Such people will be given a cash prize of Rs 5,000 & this reward will be given on the ‘Good Samaritan scheme of the government. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, in a letter to the Principal Secretaries & Transport Secretaries of all States and Union Territories, said that the scheme will be operative from October 15, 2021, to March 31, 2026.

Good Samaritan scheme


The basic motto behind the start of the Good Samaritan scheme is to motivate the citizens to help road accident victims if they sustained severe injuries. While providing information to the media, it also said that the 10 most philanthropic helpers will also be eligible for a reward of Rs one lakh. As per the MoRTH, an amount of Rs. 5000 per good samaritan scheme will be issued to the candidates along with a certificate of appreciation. The Transport Ministry of India will also issue Rs. 5,00,000 per state & UT as an opening grant.

good samaritan scheme

The Ministry of Road Transport and High Rajpath has started ‘Scheme for Awarding of Neck Helpers’ for the good samaritan scheme that will provide immediate help to the people who are severely wounded in road mishaps. This award will be given to the noble human beings who will help in providing medical treatment to the victims after carrying them to the trauma centre within the ‘golden hour’. Golden hour is known as the 1st hour of the road accident victims that have the chance to save the lives of a severely injured person if they read the proper medical treatment or trauma centre.

The Central Road Ministry will also launch a portal very soon from where you can register yourself for the reward. Necessary details for the registration as a good samaritan scheme are name, address, mobile number, accident information, etc. Registration for the Reward of Rs. 5000 can also be made by the local police, hospital staff, etc. 

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