Creamy Layer VS Non Creamy Layer and OBC Creamy Layer Certificate Apply online and Offline


In India, inequality among various groups of society is prevalent which is not beneficial to a good democracy. Due to the lack of social & economic status in various castes & religions, the government has made various efforts to make them parallel to the other section of society. Efforts made by the government will greatly help the poor people to match them with the richer section of our community.


In the same process, the Central Government has brought OBC Non Creamy Layer reservation scheme to provide them a certain percentage quota in various government schemes, jobs & government vacancies. With the help of this article, you will be able to get all the information related to the OBC Non-Creamy Layer & Creamy Layer, income criteria, age criteria, benefits, etc. Hence you should read this article completely so that you will be aware of all the aspects related to the OBC Non Creamy Layer reservation scheme.

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For the Creamylayer certificate, you have to visit the official website of the issuing authority both online and offline select the relevant link, and Read below instructions and rules.


OBC Non Creamy Layer & OBC Creamy Layer

Non Creamy Layer & Creamy Layer are two segments of Other Backward Caste categories. Because of social injustice by some lower castes, the Mandal Commission was headed by Bindeshwari Prasad Mandal in 1979. This commission was formed to identify the socially or educationally backward classes of India. This commission had proposed to give 27% reservation to another Backward caste category.

non Creamy Layer

OBC Non Creamy & Creamy Layer Highlights

Article CategoryDiscrimination between OBC Non-Creamy Layer & Creamy Layer Certificate
AimTo Provide Information to the People Regarding Both Categories
IncludedNon-Creamy Layer Certificate Online & Offline Application Process Eligibility Criteria Non-Creamy Layer CertificateBenefits of the SchemeNecessary Documents
Eligibility Less Than 8 lakh per annum
Central list of OBC (All States)Check Here
Official Website

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What is Non Creamy Layer & Creamy Layer?

  • BC Non – Creamy Layer
  • Reservation benefits are available only for the students who belong to the OBC Non-Creamy Layer category while there is no benefit given to the OBC CreamyLayer certificate holder.
  • Only those applicants are included in the OBC – Non-Creamy Layer who hold the income certificate of a certain limit of income.
  • The full form of OBC is Other Backward Class and creamy layer word is used to refer to the OBC section of the society to define their class.
  • Creamy Layer & Non-Creamy Layer difference has been created in Indian politics during the time of empanelment of the bill related to the OBC.
  • The Central Government & State Government is also changing the definition of income under the OBC Creamy Layer CL & Non-Creamy Layer NCL every year.
  • OBC Creamy Layer
  • OBC Creamy Layer word has been used for the people in the backward class who hold higher degrees & highly educated persons in the society.
  • If you want to qualify for the OBC Non Creamy criteria, your income must be less than 8 lakh per annum.
  • Candidates who have an income of more than 8 lakh annually will be treated as Creamy Layer (CL) and equal to the General Category.
  • If you want to apply for an OBC certificate and OBC non-creamylayer, you will have to satisfy all the eligibility conditions including the income limit, necessary documents, etc.

OBC Non-Creamy Layer Certificate Eligibility Criteria


Before applying for the OBC NCL Category you must have to read all the necessary eligibility conditions as given below:

  • You must be the citizens of the particular state from where you are going to apply for this certificate.
  • In the Non-Creamy Certificate application form, you should mention the purpose of issuing the particular certificate.
  • Your parents MUST NOT be in any other state/ central government jobs.
  • Your family income should not be more than 8 lakhs per year.
  • After the death of any Group C & Group D employee, they will be treated as Non-Creamylayers Other Backward Class and their children can avail of this scheme.
  • A child of a Group B government employee can take benefits of the Non-CreamyLayer scheme if he is not getting a pension after his/ her retirement.

Non Creamy Layer Certificate Format- Official of NCBC: Click Here

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Who is Not Eligible to Apply for the OBC Non Creamy Layer category?

Following points are necessary to read to get the information of Non Eligible Applicants for Non CreamyLayer scheme in the country: 

  • Some castes that fall within the BC and MBC by the government.
  • Students whose parents are appointed under services such as IPS, IAS, and IFS under Group A.
  • Parents who are presently working under Group B and C of the Central Government.
  • Citizens of parents working under Group A of the State Government will not be eligible.
  • Students’ parents whose income is more than 8 lakh per annum.

How to Apply Offline to Get Non Creamy Layer OBC Certificate?

You can apply for the Non CreamyLayer Certificate by following some simple steps: 

  • Firstly, you will have to visit their nearest tehsil office, SDM office, revenue office / CSC centers.
  • Now citizens should receive an application form for OBC reservation.
  • Fill in all details in the application form of BC Non CreamyLayer and these details should match with the details given in the documents.
  • Your application will only be approved if you have given correct details in the application form such as contact information, address, other personal details, etc.
  • In the section of caste details, a citizen has to fill in the caste of the father.
  • If the father is no more then you should also mention the name of your guardian with the necessary documents.
  • If you want to change your state, it should also be specified in the form.
  • A self-declaration form has also to be signed and filled.
  • Finally, you have to affix a passport size photograph and submit a respective office.
  • Here you will be given a reference number to check the status of your application form.
  • The next process will be the verification and it will be made by the related authority within specified dates.
  • You will be able to receive your Non-CreamyLayer Other Backward Caste Certificate within one month from the application date.

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How to Apply for an OBC Certificate Online?

If you don’t have to visit outside to apply for your Non-Creamy Layer certificate, you can also go through an online application procedure. However, only a few states have facilitated their citizens from the online portal to apply for the Other Backward Caste Non-CreamyLayer certificate. So if you belong to a particular state then you only are eligible to apply for the OBC Non Creamy layer certificate. Following steps are necessary to be followed to apply for the OBC Non-Creamy Layer Certificate.

  • Firstly, you will have to go to the official website of the particular state for the OBC Non-Creamy Layer Certificate.
  • Usually, the state’s back class section is responsible to avail the OBC reservation certificate to the citizens.
  • After going to the official website of the Backward class, you will have to reach the Online Application for the Non-Creamy Certificate.
  • Here an application form will be displayed on your computer screen where you should enter details such as
    • Name, Father’s name,
    • Mother’s name,
    • Annual income,
    • Identity proof number,
    • Address proof number,
    • Address etc.
  • After entering all these details in the application form, you should also upload documents such as an education qualification certificate, living certificate, identity proof, income certificate, etc.
  • After checking the details, the person can also submit the data along with the proof of the documents.
  • After submission, the citizen will get the acknowledgement paper in addition to the application number.
  • You can print it on paper or save it offline. After the verification of your application form, you will be given an OBC Category Non Creamy Layer Certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions on OBC Non-Creamy Layer Certificate

What is the OBC Non-Creamy Layer?

OBC Non-Creamy Layer is a section that can avail reservation quota in various government jobs & admission in any college/ university.

What is the OBC Creamy Layer category?

OBC Creamy Layer category is a category in our society that can’t take benefits of the reservation in Other Backward Caste.

Can I apply offline for making a caste certificate?

Yes, you can apply offline for a Non Creamy Layer certificate.

What should be the family income of this OBC by the government?

The total family income of the OBC candidate should be less than Rs 8 lakh per year.

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