Mukhyamantri CM Jan Samvad Jharkhand Online Registration | Complaint Status no 181


CM Jansamvad: Mukhyamantri Jan samvad is the latest decision by Jharkhand government knowns as Jan Sanchar Kendra. Jansamvad allows citizens of Jharkhand state to directly contact honorable chief minister Shri Raghuvar Das to mention their problems. This massive initiated by the government is surely a piece of happy news for the Common man. Citizens of state can dial to 181 for registering the complaint to tell their problem.


You can register a complaint through Cm jansamvad on the chief minister’s public dialogue center, directly to the head of the state. MJSK tackles the connecting job of the citizen to the government. Follow this below article to get the objectives for the implementation of the MJSK, benefits of jansamvad, eligibility for cmjansamvad, and steps to register an online complaint on MJSK.


CM Jan Samvad in Jharkhand Objectives

Jharkhand government had a motivational reason behind the implementation of MJSK, to serve the citizens of the state by knowing their problems. Objectives for the implementation of Jansamvad are:

  • Offer public service by listening to the problems of the citizens and looking forward
  • Provide new roles like facilitator and regulator to the civil service departments for the implementation of jansamvad
  • Building a problem-free nation and peaceful environment in the state
  • Bridge the gap between the common man and government
  • Build confidence and enlightenment among the citizens through public domain
  • Meets the demands of the society, serve the people at various stages
  • Government work towards the implementation and formulation of the policy to help the public

JH CM Jansamvad Yojana Benefits

  • Citizen problem solving is the highest priority through jansamvad yojana
  • Every problem is addressed by the government officials and look after
  • If complaints are not taken up to satisfaction, it is taken up to higher-level officers and grievance
  • Last Tuesday of every month, CM will directly address the public through direct talk program
  • During direct talk program, citizens can express their feeling directly to CM
  • Emergencies like natural calamities, riots, crime complaints are immediately forwarded to concerned departments
  • The common man can now contact the government and share their problems, making Jharkhand a happy state.

Seva Sankalp Yojana Check Status

Eligibility & Required Online Mukhyamantri Jan samvad Complaint details

Citizens from any district of Jarkhand state can call the toll-free number 181 through the mobile application. Dialing to the 181 you will first communicate with a Dialogue expert (tele color). Then Dialog expert collects your information like name, address, and your problem. Then your problem is needed into the specially designed software after that dialogue expert connects you to the governor’s office and CM Housing through Janatha Durbar.


for the chief minister dialogue center, you can register the complaint by the following means:

By Postal service – Contact Deatils | Help Desk

Near Audrey House, Mayers Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand-834008
Visit website –
Email to – [email protected] / [email protected]
Contact on facebook page – cm-jansamvad/
Put tweet on Tweeter page – cm-jansamvad /      
Customer care Number – 181/0651-2282201

MJSK Jansamvad Online Complaint Registration Process

Here are a few ways to register a complaint online. Check out below step by step process to register a complaint on MJSK online

Process 1: For new users to file a complaint Online

New users have to register their mobile number first to file a complaint online. Below are the instructions to register your mobile number:

  1. Enter your mobile number
  2. Record the OPT received
  3. Add all details in the prescribed column
  4. Now click on Citizen log-in and enter your login id and password.
Process 2: To file a new complaint
  1. To file a complaint, click on the column
  2. Put a complaint with full details related to your complaint
  3. If you have any evidence related to the complaint, click on “yes” to upload the evidence.
  4. Otherwise, click on “No” to file the complaint

Registered users can put a complaint by clicking on the citizen log-in and entering a registered mobile number and password.

Process 3: To update information in your complaint or evidence
  1. Click on upload evidence to update your complaint
  2. To upload new or additional evidence, select “Upload Evidence
  3. To upload your complaint – enter complaint number or registration number in the specified column

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if complaint status is still pending?

Don’t worry about the complaint status, as it will be addressed by Nodal officers and district department officers and send the report to chief minister Jan samvad Kendra so that all the grievances or complaints are addressed

How many days to process the complaint?

It may take 2 to 4 weeks for the complaint to process. As it may take 2 weeks for the nodal officers and district departments to respond. If it gets more delayed, CM if will take a tele conferring call, every month last Tuesday.

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  1. सेवा में,
    श्रीमान हेमंत सोरेन जी रांची

    *विषय*-नगर पालिका द्वारा पानी सप्लाई से घर में पानी ना मिलने पर शिकायत।

    *माननीय महोदय* ,
    में ठाकुर मुनी देवी, उम्र-70 साल, जिला- धनवाद, राज्य- झारखंड, भारतवर्ष का मूल निवासी हूँ।

    मेरा बेटा *मिथुन कुo महतो* धनबाद नगर निगम में पानी कनेक्शन लेने के लिए दिनांक 16.05.2018 को नगर निगम में ₹ 4130= राशि भुगतान किया था, परंतु अभी तक मेरे घर में पानी नहीं मिला हैं। उसके पश्चात मैं बहुत बार नगर निगम के चक्कर लगा रही हु,नगर निगम प्रधान जी एवम पानी विभाग में कार्यरत अधिकारी मुझे सिर्फ अस्वासन देकर कहते हैं, बहुत ज़ल्द मुझे पानी दिया जायेगा। *तीन साल* हो गए हैं, मुझे अभी तक पानी नहीं दिया गया हैं। मैंने यह शिकायत धनबाद नगर निगम,डी.सी साहब,नगर आयुक्त,सभी को की थी,परंतु अभी तक मेरा समाधान नही हुआ।
    में एक बृद्ध-विधवा महिला हु,मुझे पानी भरने के लिए बहुत दूर तक जाना पड़ता हैं,अब 70 साल की उम्र में मुझसे चला भी नही जाता। में बहुत परेशान और हताश हो गयी हु।

    पैसा देते समय मुझे जो भी रशीद/पर्चा दिया गया हैं उन दस्तावेज़ का कॉपी संलग्न करके साथ दे रही हूँ।

    *अतः* आपसे निवेदन हैं,ज़ल्द मेरे घर मैं नगर निगम द्वारा सप्लाई पानी मुझे प्रदान करने की कृपया करें।

    *प्रार्थी का पूरा पता*
    प्रार्थी- ठाकुर मुनी देवी।
    पति- स्वर्गीय- हारू महतो
    पता- हेट कांड्रा, (गोराइ टोला)
    वार्ड नंबर- 53
    थाना- सिंद्री, गौशाला ओ:पी:
    जिला- धनबाद, (झारखंड )
    मोबाइल न:-90976094**


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