Bhulekh Delhi Land Records, Khasra Khatauni View, Copy, ROR Report


Delhi land records are now available online as digital records with all the acknowledgments of the land properties in the Delhi state. Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni portal is developed by the government authorities of Delhi state, to view land records online and to access land information transparently.


Previously all the manuals and acknowledgments of the land assets are maintained as a hard copy. Now everything is converted into soft copy by Delhi government authorities and maintained as digital copies on the official website Follow the article, to know the step by step process to get the land records online quickly and easily.

Benefits of Delhi Bhulekh online

Delhi land records are now very safe in cloud storage, that cannot be lost or stolen or misplaced anywhere and can access digitally.  Here ate benefits of the Delhi Bhulekh portal.

Delhi Land Records

Highlights of the Online Delhi Bhulekh

Scheme NameBhulekh Khasra Khatauni portal
Launched inDelhi
Target beneficiariesDelhi Citizens
Developed byGovt. of Delhi state
Portal ModeOnline
  1. Get Jamabandi copy, Khasra Khatauni number online on the portal
  2. Find information related to land registers and measles
  3. Citizens can access any information related to lands in Delhi region
  4. Get the ownership rights and details of the land
  5. Farmers and landowners can take a loan from bank and crop insurance
  6. No more wasting your time at the government office to get details. Everything can be accessed online on the portal

Services and Functions Provided by Delhi Bhulekh Land Record Portal

Here is the list of services available on the Delhi Bhulekh land record portal. These services can be used to attain information from Delhi land records.

  • e-Search
  • Search Registered Deed
  • e-Valuation
  • Deed Writer
  • Prohibited Property
  • Encumbrance Search
  • Doris-Help Desk

Functions of Delhi Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni portal

Here is the list of functions of the Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni.

  • Citizens can view land record details on the portal
  • You can add or update land information on the land records using this portal.
  • Can view information from any place at any time
  • Ensure transparent land transaction
  • Reduce fraudulent practices during land proceedings
  • Reduced government office visits

e-Search Delhi bhulekh Reconds


You can search Delhi land records information on this portal based on the search by like by name, by address, etc. Follow the steps below to perform e-Search on the portal to get land details.

  • Step 1: Visit official website –>
  • Step 2: Click on the e-Search tab on the homepage
  • Step 3: You will be redirected to next with various tabs
  • Search by name
  • Search by property address
  • Complete search
  • Specific search
  • DDA Deed search
  • Find SR office
  • Reports
  • Step 4: Click on the search by name tab to search land details by entering Locality, party, and captcha code. Click on search to get the details name wise.
  • Step 5: Click on search by Property address to enter locality, property address, and captcha code. Click on search to get land details in the order of property address
  • Step 6: Click on the Complete Search tab to select with Registration year” or Without Registration year option. Enter all the details of the land and click on “Search” to find the details.
  • Step 7: Click on the Specific Search option to enter the details like SRO List, Locality, Registration number, Registration year, Book No., and captcha code. Click on “Search” to get the information.
  • Step 8: Click on the Deed Search tab to get details according to the “Conveyance Deed” and “Perpetual deed”. Enter the required details and click on “search” to get the information
  • Step 9: Click on the Find SR Office tab to search District/SRO by entering the locality or village name of the land property.
  • Step 10: Click on the Report tab to get the details of the e-Mutation report, Archive localities, SR Status Report, district data availability, etc on the screen in tabular format.

Search Registered Deed

Registered deed details you about the land ownership details and other activities or transfers performed on the land. It is an easy way to scan a registered document. It is a record about the lad maintained by the government. You can now get Registered Deed of Delhi lands on the Bhulekh portal. Follow the steps below to search Registered Deed of a particular land.

  1. Go to the Official Website and click on “Search Registered Deed”.
  2. On the next page enter details like village or city name, Registration number, registration year, and Book number.
  3. Click on “Search” to get the details.


This option is used to make or book an appointment at the SR office to get the required land documents. Follow the steps mentioned below to get the Appointments on Delhi land records.

  1. Visit the Official Website –> & open the DORIS BBook Homepage.
  2. You can find a list of steps mentioning about the procedure in the BBook to make appointments.
  3. Procced yourself as a registered user to enter the needed details and book an appointment.
  4. If you select a new user option, you need to first complete the registration process and then enter the details for making an appointment.
  5. Enter the desired Sub Register office location, Login ID/ mobile number, password, code, and then click on submit.
  6. You can get the required details.


e-Valuation tab is to calculate duty payable to the government in the form of Stamp duty and registration fees. Follow the steps to proceed to the e-Valuation calculator on the Bhulekh portal.

  1. Visit the official website –> and open the “e-Valuation” homepage.
  2. Enter the needed details sub-registrar, locality of the land, Deed name, sub-deed name, and click on register option to get the duty value.

Deed Writer 

Deed writer option on the portal is needed to write a legal document for any deed. Follow the steps below to get deed writer option on the portal and write up a deed for the land record.

  1. Visit the official website –>
  2. On the homepage, click on the “Deed Writer” option.
  3. Then select deed type and Sub-Deed type.
  4. Choose the type of party and enter the personal details section
  5. Now enter the value of the property and click on “submit”.
  6. You will get the deed details.

Prohibited Property

Find the list pf Prohibited Properties in a particular district/ village in Delhi state using this portal. Follow the steps mentioned to get the Prohibited Property details.

  1. Visit the Official Website and Click Directly get on the “Prohibited Property” Portal.
  2. You will get a tabular list of prohibited properties in Delhi mentioned with District names, SRO names, and the number of properties.
  3. When you click on the number of properties, you will get a detailed list of the disputed properties in the respective district along with address, locality, SRO name, etc.
  4. You can search the list according to the property address wise or locality wise or can see al the data at once.

Encumbrance Search

  1. Visit the Official website and Directly get on the Encumbrance Search Homepage.
  2. Now on the next page, a select corporation from the drop-down list about the location of the land
  3. Click on “search” to get the result.

Doris-Help Desk

Doris-Help desk ensures ease of business-like checking title search and local body dues. The help desk page shows you the local body statistics and SRO Wise statistics. Follow the steps below to visit the help desk page on the portal.

  1. Visit the Official Website and Directly open the Doris-Help Desk homepage.
  2. On the next page, you can find SRO wise statistics and local bodies statistics with received requests, pending requests, and completed requests.
  3. Click on required requests links and get the information.

Archive Search

Archive search is the search for records from the years 1994 to 2008. You can find non-current records of the Government of NCT of Delhi. Follow the steps below to get the Archive search link.

  1. Visit the Official Website and Directly open the “Archive Search” Homepage Portal.
  2. Then create a public user account with username and password.
  3. Then perform the archive search on the page.

Search Property: Portages

  • Visit “Search Property Portagesofficial website Portal –>
  • Mainly contain five steps CERSAI website from the Delhi Online Registration system page.
  1. Property Details
  2. Verification
  3. Payment
  4. Search Results
  5. Report
  • Fill all details and submit

DORIS-Search Module

You can perform DORIS-Search Module by creating an account on the login page of the portal. Follow the steps below to get the DORIS-Search module page.

  1. Visit the Official Website  –>
  2. On the homepage “DORIS-Search Module” Portal
  3. You will find the login section, enter the username, password, and captcha code to create an account on the DORIS- online search login page.
  4. The continue with the search module page.

Bhu-Lekh (DLRC) – Delhi Bhulekh Khatauni

Bhu-Lekh (DLRC) tab on the portal gives you a detailed list of ROR reports according to your requirement. You can get ROR records based on the district wise selection and village name wise. Follow the steps below to get the details.

  1. Visit the Official Website –> and on the homepage click on the “BhuLekh ROR” tab.
  2. You will get a tabular list on the next page with District, sub-division, village, address, and view records tabs.
  3. You can choose the district of your choice and click the respective “View Records
  4. On the next page, enter the land details and click on the “search” tab.
  5. You will get the ROR details on the BhuLekh and jamabandi Nakal North-South West.

Lodge Your Grievance land records delhi

On the “lodge your Grievance” tab you can lodge your complaint about Delhi land records and also check the status of the complaint. Follow the steps to enter the “Lodge your Grievance “tab on the official portal.

  1. Click on the Official website –> and “Lodge your Grievance” tab.
  2. You will find Lodge your Grievance and View status of your Grievance links on the webpage.
  3. Click on Lodge your Grievance to register your complaint by entering the complaint description, upload documents, and also your personal information.
  4. Click on “Submit” to register a complaint to the sub0register office.
  5. To view the status of your complaint, click on View status of your Grievance.
  6. Enter grievance number, mobile number, or email and click on submit to get the status.

Bhulekh Khatauni FAQs

How can I check the land property owner details in Delhi?

You can find ownership details on the official website. You can get land details on the e-Search tab on the homepage of the official website.

How to get Khasara number of my land in Delhi?

Visit the official website of the land revenue department of Delhi and find out the Khasara number of your land.

Where can I find duty payable to the government for a land?

On the official website click on the e-Valuation tab to get the stamp duty and registration fees. By entering the land details this tab allows to calculate the duty payable to the government.

Where should I search for the prohibited lands in Delhi?

You can find on the official website homepage, “Prohibited Property” tab. Click on it to get details of the prohibited lands in Delhi, district wise and along with village names.

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