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West Bengal land records: West Bengal state government had developed a new website, named Banglarbhumi, for the benefit of state citizens. Ministry of land records had initiated this new portal, to view, other important land-related documents, documents of mutation, Land and land reforms department, Know your Property, and other procedures. All the residents of West Bengal can now follow the below stated step by step procedures to check their land records online on banglar bhumi portal.

West Bengal Land Records : Bangla Bhumi

Today Update

Banglarbhumi gov in 2021: West Bengal government has updated the High-quality (land & land) Geo maps. know your property of khatian & plot information the link is given below Check it.


Bangla bhumi Features & Benefits

WB land records online Benefits: Citizen sand landowners of west Bangla state can now view land records sitting at home Residents of West Bengal can check mutation documents and other documents related to lands No more long waiting hours at the concerned register or government offices Printing of all important documents can be done from land and land portal Get the ownership details of the land, and details of activities on land Value of the property during sale or purchase

Highlights of

Name of the portalBanglar bhumi
Beneficiaries of the portalWest Bengal residents
Launched byWest Bengal state government authorities
The objective of the portalTo digitalize land records
Official website link

Important Documents for land information wb

Here is the list of few important documents while accessing the Bangla bhumi portal, during verifying important documents, getting certified copy of ROR etc.

  1. Ration card
  2. Voter ID- as proof of Identity
  3. Aadhaar card – as proof of Address
  4. Ownership proof
  5. Land tax
  6. Encumbrance certificate
  7. Income certificate- as a source of income source evidence

Latest ration card list of West Bengal 2020-21 –>> wb ration card search

Banglar bhumi Land Record PortalServices Offered

  • Check out the Main services and facilities available on the bangabhumi portal
    • Citizen Centric Services
    • Digitization of Map and records
    • Know your Property
    • Query Search
    • Public Grievance
    • Mouza Information

Know your Property

Find your Land Record with Khatian & Plot Information Online Through
Here are the steps to find your land record at Banglarbhumi portal with Khataian and plot information

khatian & plot information
know your property
  •  Visit official website
  • Click on the “Know your property” icon on the home page, placed on the top right corner
  • Then enter the details like District, block, and mouza on the next page
  • You can get land record details by selecting – Khatian or Plot option
  • After selecting, enter the required details and fill the captcha code
  • Then click on View to get your lad record details on the website screen.

 Query Search for Plot Information via Query Number


west bengal khatian & plot information by name: Search your plot information using query number on the Banglar bhumi website, following the below steps:

west bengal khatian & plot information by name
Plot information by name
  • On the official website of Banglar bhumi, click on the Query search icon on the homepage
  • Next enter Query number, query year and captcha code
  • Then click on the “Show” button to get the details on your screen

Public Grievance

  1.  Online Public Grievance Application Procedure
    • Here are the steps for online public grievance application procedure:
      • Visit the official website of Bangla bhumi services
      • Click on the “Public Grievance” button on the homepage, then on the next page click on “Grievance application “ button
      • You will get Grivianve application form on the screen
      • Then enter the captcha code and click on the “Submit” button to apply.
  2. Check Public Grievance/Description Status Online
    • On the official website of Banglar bhumi find the “Public Grievance” button on the homepage and click on it.
    • On the next webpage, select “Grievenace status/description” button and click on it
    • Then enter UPN and the captcha code and click on “Show” button
    • You get the status displayed on the screen

Registration at web Portal

Follow the steps below to Signup or Registration process on portal online

banglarbhumi registration
  • Signup Process
    • Step 1: Visit the official website online Banglar Bhumi
    • Step 2: Find Signup option on the homepage, and click on it to get the registration form
    • Step 3: Enter the necessary information, name, address, fathers name, mothers name, municipality, district, email ID, phone number, etc
    • Step 4: Now enter password and captcha code
    • Step 5: Then you will receive OTP to your registered mobile number
    • Step 6: Enter that OPT on the screen and click on submit
    • Step 7: You are now registered on the portal.
Land and land reforms department Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Other Departments

land department Login procedure

  • Below are the steps for the login procedure to the Banglarbuhmi website for Departmental users.
    • On the official website homepage bangabhumi
    • find the “Citizen services” tab on the right top corner with a logo.
    • Click on it and in the next page, click on “Departmental users” option
    • There enter username and password and then captcha code.
    • Click on the login button, to log in as Departmental user

Latest Domicile certificate pdf for west Bengal –>> wb e district

Login In procedure of Banglar bhumi for Citizen Services

  • Log in procedures for Citizens Services of West Bengal to the bangabhumi portal
banglar bhumi services
  • Visit –>> official website
  • On the Homepage, find the Citizen Services logo on the right side and click on it.
  • Next, select the“Citizens option and enter the username and password
  • Enter the captcha code and click on Login Button
  • You will be logged in as Citizen into bangalarbhumi website

Citizen Services

Citizen services are the main tab on the homepage of the bangalarbhumi website. You can find the “Citizen Services” logo on the right side of the home page of the website. Click on it to find the below services.

Online Application

  1. Mutation Application
    • Here is the process to fill mutation application, step by step procedure
    • Logon to the official website of
    • On the Home page, under the “Citizen Services” tab, find the “Online application” tab
    • Click on it and under that select the “Mutation Application” link
    • Now enter the details like particulars of Applicant, transferer, and list of enclosures
    • Then upload the required documents and click on the “Submit” button
    • You will get a reference number on the screen
  2. Conversion Application
    1. The process to fill the Land Conversion Application
    2. Visit the official website and find the “Online Application” tab on the homepage
    3. You will get a list, under that choose the “Conversion Application” option
    4. On the next page, fill in the required details and click on the “submit” option
    5. You will get a reference number, which you need to save for future use.
  3. Fees Payment
    • Steps for fees payment for different services on banglerbhumi website
    • On the official website homepage: banglar bhumi, find the “Online Application” tab and click on it
    • From the dropdown, select “Fee Payment” to get a form on the screen
    • Now choose the type of service or purpose you need on the website
    • Conversion
    • Mutation
    • Certified copy
    • Plot information
    • Plot map
    • Now enter the “Application Number”, captcha code and click on the Next tab
    • You will be redirected to the payment gateway page, where you have to choose the mode of payment
    • Net banking
    • Debit card
    • Credit card
    • Enter card or net banking detail and complete the payment successfully
    • Once the payment is completed, you will get a confirmation message on the screen
  4. Application GRN Search 
    1. Procedure to search your Application GRN
    2. Visit the official website and click on the “Online Application” tab on the Homepage of the website
    3. On the list. choose the “Application GRN search “ link
    4. Then enter the required details like GRN Number, Application Number, captcha code, etc
    5. Now click on the submit option to get the required details on the screen

Service Delivery

  1.  ROR Request
    • On the official website home page, Banglar Bhumi click on “Citizen Registration” tab with login details
    • Fill the required details on the next page and click on the “Save” button to register yourself
    • You will receive a confirmation message on mobile and email
    • When you click on the link in the email, your registration process completes
    •  Now login to the portal with username and password
    • Then enter the details on the screen and upload the needed documents
    •  Click on the “submit” button to receive an acknowledge slip with application number
    • The verification will be done and ROR certificate will be issued by the authority
  2. Plot info. & plot map Request
    1. Visit the official website and under the “Service delivery” section, you can find “land information wb Request”
    2. Then you will find a form, fill in all the options there
    3. Enter opt you got on the registered mobile number and email id.
    4. Then enter captcha code and click on calculate the fee
    5. You will get the application number and processing fee on the screen
    6. Then you can do online fees payment, using debit/credit card or net banking
    7.  Following this, you can get any plot info details.
  3. Mouza Map Request
    • Find the steps to register Mouza map request.
    • On the official banglerbhumi website, click on the “Citizen Services” tab from the homepage.
    • Click on the “Service Delivery” option and select Mouza map request option in the dropdown list.
    • You will get a form on the screen, fill the details in the form like district, block, mouza, map type, sheet no
    • And click on “view” option.
  4. Request GRN Search
    • Visit the official website homepage, click on “Service delivery“ tab
    • Under that “click on “request GRN Search” tab and enter the details needed to request any payment verification
    • Enter captcha code that sends the request for GRN search
    • Click on submit to get the details
  5. Mouza Map Availability Details
    • Follow the simple steps to check the Mouza map availability details
    • Visit the official website of west bengal land
    • On the homepage find “Mouza Information” tab on the right corner. Click on it to view another pop-up
    • Then click on “Mouza map availability detail” option
    • On the new page, enter district and block and click on “Continue”
    • If details are available, the record will be displayed on the screen
    • If no records are available, “record not found” message is displayed.

WB Ration card Application Status –>> Wb ration card status

Application / Receipt Reprint

  • Open the official website and on the homepage, go to “Citizen services” icon
  • Under that click on the “Online Application” option and click on “Application/Receipt Reprint”
  • On the next dialogue box, select the type of request you desire and type the application number
  • Enter the captcha code and click on the “Next “ tab
  • You will get your application on the screen. You can click on the “Print “option to reprint it.

Mutation Status

  • Follow these steps to check your west bengal land mutation status
  • Visit the official website of the land department and on the homepage, click on “Citizen services” icon on the top
  • On the next page, click on “Mutation Status”
  • You can perform mutation status with 2 options – case wise search, deed wise search
  • Choose the desired one and enter the required details
  • After entering the district name, block and mouza, then click on search
  • You get the mutation status report on the screen

30 Days Notice Mutation Case

  • On the official website homepage, click on the Citizen services tab
  •  Under that select “30 days notice mutation case” option
  • Select “registration office wise search” option and choose the district from the drop-down lits
  • Select the registry office from the scroll option and enter captcha code nxt
  • Finally, click on “submit” to get 30 days notice mutation case.

Mutation Plot Khatian Status

  • On the Homepage of the official website of banglur bhumi –>>
  • Find “Citizen services” tab and under that select “Mutation Plot Khatian Status” option
  • You can select “ plot-wise “ search or “ Khatian no. “wise search, depending on your requirement
  •  The on the next page, select district, block name and mouza
  • Enter captcha code and plot number correctly
  • Then click on “submit” button, now you will be able to check the status of you Khatian
  • RS-LR Information
    • Check your RS and LR information by following the steps below:
    • Visit the official website of Banglarbhumi and click on “Citizen services” icon on the top
    • On the next page, select RS/LR option and enter the district name, block, mouza
    • ·Ow select the desired option – RS or LR
    •  Enter the plot number and click on search option
  • Land Classification
    • Follow the steps below to check the Land Classification on the official website of Banglarbhumi
    • On the homepage of the official website, click on “Citizen services” icon,
    • Next, click on “Land Classification” and enter District, Block and Mouza,
    • Then click on search.

Contact Information

Director of land records and survey,35, survey building,
Gopal Nagar Road, Kolkata-700027
Contact no. 180034566000
Gmail: [email protected]

land and land FAQs

What is the meaning of RS and LR?

RS is a revisional statement of 1962 and LR means Land Reforms, these are related to Land record documents.

How can I check my land record in West Bengal?

You can check land records of the lands in West Bengal on the official website of Banglar bhumi. Go to Citizen service stab and enter required details to get land record details. Check out below article to get full information.

How to search through Khatian number West Bengal land records?

On the official website of Banglsrbhumi, click on the “Know your property” option and enter the required details. Using Khatian number option, get the land record details of west Bengal. You can find complete details about this in the above article.

What is Khatian Number?

It is the serial number of the land records in the BLRO Register. Khatian number is used as an identification number during the mutation process.

How to find Khaitan or plot information on Bangla Bhumi website?

Click on the”know your property” option on the official website. Select Khaitan option to know the Khaitan details of the land, after entering needed details.

Can I place land conversion request on Banlar bhumi?

Yes, on the official website, choose online application option and under that select Conversion application and fill in the required details. Apply a request for land conversion on বাংলার ভূমি.

What services does Banlar bhumi provide?

Banlar bhumi portal offers service slike placing a record of right, plot information and mapping request, Request for GRN, land mutation, get mutation status etc. Get more information about Banglarbhumi website services in the above article.

How can I search Khatian number?

On the website, you can search for Khaitan number. Another option is to enter your plot number and click on submit button to get the Khatian number.

What does Mouza mean?

Muza is an administrative district, respective to a specific land area, where one or more settlements are done.

What is Khatian no and DAG no?

Khatian number is the serial number of the land record on BLRO register. DAG number is given to every plot of settled or unsettled land.

What is Dag number of land property?

Dag number is a unique code that is allotted to every land, detailing the ownership, area, type, location, details of enclosed lands plots. To get the DAG number of your plot, you need to visit the sub-register office.

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