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Rajasthan Apna Khata is an initiative by the government of Rajasthan for the people to access the Record of Rights (ROR). Land information can be obtained with the khata or account number or name of the tehsil on the official website Every land detail is easily accessible on the Apna Khata portal, without visiting any government office. Check out the below article to find the steps to get the land-related online facilities on the bhulekh rajasthan.


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Apna Khata Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal Checking Process has changed so we updated the latest procedure below see it.

Apna Khata Rajasthan Land Records

Apnakhata.raj.nic Details

Citizens of Rajasthan can create an account on the Apna khata website so that they can access any information related to Rajasthan land records. Bhulekh Rajasthan portal allows the users to enter account numbers and verify the land records. apnakhata.raj.nic account offers many services and benefits to the landowners of Rajasthan.

Apna Khata Rajasthan Portal Services

Apnakhata.raj.nic official portal has several services that are useful for the citizens of Rajasthan, especially for the landowners. Have a look below to know the services available on the portal for the benefit of the citizens.

  1. Apply for online nomination on the portal
  2. Get a copy of the Record of Rights of your land
  3. Provides E-Mitra Kisiok Login
  4. Check Mutation status
  5. Verify land ownership during a land sale or purchase
  6. Personal purposes

Benefits of Apna Khata Portal


Rajasthan Apna Khata is initiated for the benefit of the citizens of Rajasthan to get access to the land records online. Here are a few actual benefits of the portal:

  • Can view land records of Rajasthan online
  • Get access to all the land documents by entering an account number
  • The citizen from any district of Rajasthan can avail of the services from Rajasthan Apna Khata
  • Computerization of land records is very beneficial to citizens, both time and energy saving
  • Digitalization also reduced manual work at concerned offices and also long waiting hours
  • Ensures complete transparency, without any illegal activities and litigations
  • With minimum internet access, you can view all the updates related to your land records.
  • You can open bank accounts, farmers can get bank loans with the documents from the portal

Bhulekh Land Records Online Rajasthan – ROR

Rajasthan state government has specially designed the EDharti 1.0 Rajasthan to Get a Copy of ROR and other important documents to the state citizens. Previously to get a Jamabandi copy online, people needed to visit concerned government offices and spend a lot of time to get a single copy of ROR. But with the introduction of the Apna Khata portal, get a Copy of ROR online with internet access. Follow these simple steps to get Jamabandi copy online:

  1. Visit official website
  2. On the homepage select the district of the land for which you need a Jamabandi copy.
  3. You can find the district dropdown list on the Rajasthan map, you can select there or also by clicking your district name on the map.
Jamabandi copy district
  1. Then choose Tehsil on the next page
Jamabandi Tehsil
  1. Now choose the name of your village land, in the list appearing on the next page
village land details
  1. On the next page, go to the Applicant Information section and fill in the details correctly
  2. Next in the “Option to issue copy” section, choose the options according to your requirement
apna khata rajasthan Applicant
  1. You can get a ROR copy according to your needed order like by measles number, by name, or by account.
  2. After filling in all the details you will get a Jamabandi copy on the screen.
  3. You can download or take a print if needed

Rajasthan Land Records Map View/Download

You can view the Geolocation of Rajasthan land records on a map by visiting the official website Follow the steps below to view the Measles map in Rajasthan or geolocation of the desired land in Rajasthan

  • Firstly visit the official website Rajasthan land map portal
  • Now enter the information needed accurately
Bhunaksha geo map
  • Then click on your measles number and you can view the map on the screen. you can also download the map if needed for future reference.
Bhunaksha geo map details
  • Save the PDF copy of the map by clicking on the print.

Rajasthan Land Crop Girdawari Report

  1. If you want the latest copy of the Land crop Map Girdawari report, visit the official website
  2. Then, enter the needed details and click according to your requirement. You can view your information and district wise Girdawari report

Bhuabhilekh Rajasthan Helpline Number

  • Visit the official website and there you can get a list of all the Revenue offices with their contact details. You can dial those numbers and get any help.

E Dharti 1.0 Rajasthan FAQs

Q1) Is a land mapping facility available on the Rajasthan land record portal?

The Land mapping facility is arranged on a special land map portal at

Q2) Who launched Apna Khata and who manages it?

The Revenue Department of the Rajasthan Government has launched Apna khata web portal and the state government manages the portal services.

Q3) What is Jamabandi in Rajasthan?

Apna Khata is an online Land Records portal of the Revenue Department of the Government of Rajasthan, Bihar, Patna, UP, etc. Through this online portal, people can obtain a copy of their Record of Rights which is commonly known as Jamabandi Nakal online.

Q4) How can I get Jamabandi nakal for the lands in Rajasthan?

Jamabandi nakal is ROR of land. You can get ROR or Jamabandi nakal on the Apna Khata Rajasthan portal. Log on to the official website and follow the steps mentioned in the above article.

Q5) What is the purpose of Jamabandi nakal or ROR?

You need ROR during the time of mutation of land/ sale or purchase of land. ROR is useful during land litigation court cases, as it is a record of ownership. You can also apply for the loan based on ROR and also other land details.

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